Fatties won't pony up cash for two seats

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  • D8TA

    Well, thank god they don't charge for brains...because Outlaw would fly for free.



  • Brummie

    BWahahahahahahahahaha Glad you got a sense of humour outlaw, that was frikkin too funny


    edited cus I spelt frikkin wrong

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  • blondie

    I have been fat and thin. My abuse as a child made me use fat 
    as a barrier. As an adult I tried bulimia to get thin and found
     that can kill you (Karen Carpenter). Now I just try my best 
    to be in-between.
    I have never been big enough to take up 2 seats but I know
     that it is a little cozier when I sit in the seat than when
    Toothpick Suzy does.
     If you are on a plane that has no extra seats, be prepared 
    to pay for 2 seats if you spill over into the neighboring seat
    But if the flight is sparse, then why charge? No one would had
     sat in that seat any hoo.
     There are no hard and fast rules. Good sense and kindness must
    prevail. If I did take up 2 seats, I would just travel another 
    I have found theaters and restaurants more than willing to 
    make accommodations for those who need larger seats.
     Being cruel to the overweight and plump is the last bastion 
    of prejudice.
    Since the vast majority of us in the US are overweight, 
    should the pot be calling the kettle black. I have seen
     lack of intelligence and bad body odor made exclusive to the
     fat. Comments like these remind me of those made about black
     people only 150 years ago or more. Stupidity and bad hygiene
     are equal opportunity conditions. 
    Blondie (who has been through thick and thin)
  • Mary

    Well geeze, I guess SOMEONE who's overweight should make a comment about this! I find it embarassing when obese people yell "discrimination" in cases like this. It is not anyone else's fault that I'm overweight except mine. I've struggled with weight my whole life and although I've lost 40 lbs. I have a long way to go and it is extremely difficult to stay on a regimented way of life with diet and exercise.

    The seats on most airlines are indeed, way too narrow and they need to expand them somewhat. Be that as it may, I think if an obese person cannot fit into one seat comfortably, they should purchase another ticket. This is like those morons trying to sue McDonalds because McDonalds didn't "tell them how fattening their food was." It's like everything else in our society: it's not MY fault, it's HIS fault. Gimme a break.........

  • TR

    I friggin' HATE fat people. They all should be forced to go on a frickin diet. They make me SICK! Oh wow, I forgot that my sweet sister in law is overweight!

    TR- just kidding class

  • ashitaka

    sixofnine-thanks, I needed that

    I, too am overweight, but not so much so that I spill over seats.

    When I mentioned smell, it was not about the fat people, it was a joke aimed at the smelly ones, mentioned in Joshua 13:4.

    "And the smelly ones will infect the earth,"

    and so on.


  • bigboi

    Damn! What the hell is goin on here? Is this some sort of payback for that fat kid in school who used to take y'alls lunch money?

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  • ashitaka

    LOL, no bigboi. Ever been next to a fattie on a plane? It's no fun.

    I hate taking up another persons space, and on a plane, there's nothing worse than being next to someone who you can feel whenever they shift their weight.

    Paying umpteen dollars for a plane ticket, all people should have a comfortable ride.

    This is as much about obesity as it is about the airlines packing seats into their planes that are too close together. The airlines should make seats for overweight people, this might take care of the problem.


  • Trauma_Hound

    Some people on this thread are pretty sad.

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