Bush wants to use Mini-Nukes

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  • Trauma_Hound

    Why shouldn't I overestimate the fallout? What makes it better to underestimate death and destruction? Do you wish to commit slow suicide? Another angle, since the gulf, and afghan wars, there has been friendly fire, every war in fact. How would you feel if say if there was a friendly fire accident with one of these things? How do you think the world would feel then? You UK folks out there, how would you feel if bush nuked your troops, "accidently".

  • TR

    Oh Geez, trauma.

    What if? What if the "Enola Gay" dropped "Fat Boy" on the wrong country?


  • ThiChi


    Get a grip. Democracy is coming to Iraq, like it or not! We are on the threshold of a new Geopolitical situation that will benefit millions. Thank God courageous men like Bush and Powell are facing evil head to head, instead of a bunch of appeasers who cower at the power of evil.

    It took a Reagan to end appeasement with the USSR, to its end. Now Bush will do the same with Nations like Iraq.

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  • LB

    While todays nukes are supposedly not nearly as dirty as the old ones I'm not comfortable with those things going off. But there has been more damage done in Russia when they lost a nuclear reactor than if we nuked the hell out of Iraq. Still I agree that less is better and none is better than less.

    Personally if past performance is an indicator then at the first sound of gunfire those sharp troops of Saddem are going to be running out of their bunkers waving white flags. I wouldn't be surprised if they coming running out if somone in the bunker cuts a little cheese. Well I would.

  • borgfree


    I do not mean to say it is ok to release fallout into the world. Sometimes we are faced with a no-win situation, I think this is one of them.

    When the terrorists decided the US had gotten so weak under a president who cut our military practically to the bone, and thought they could attack us, yet again, with little or no response, we had to make decisions. I am thankful we had a president who would tell the terrorists "we will find you wherever you hide, and we will come after any country who aids and supports the terrorists" That includes Iraq.

    I have been exposed to fallout almost my entire life. I don't recommend it, but, as TR said, I think the propaganda has overstated the danger of fallout.

    I think if we had used tactical nukes on the caves of Afghanistan we might have prevented the terrorist attack on the night club in Bali and maybe some terrorist attacks that will almost surely happen in the future.


  • Trauma_Hound

    Thi Chi, I have a girp, LOL you think men that can sit in washington and push a button are brave? I think the men and women on the front line of battle are brave, not bush, bush has never seen combat, and you call him brave, I think your the one that needs to get a grip. Democracy? Your not talking about the USA are you? Let me make this clear for you, the United States is NOT a democracy, we are a republic type government.

  • Realist

    just wanted to say that radiation is not all that dagerous. the numbers about death caused by radiation are usually way exaggerated.

  • dubla

    Senator Edward Kennedy is not my choice for "man of the year", but here he makes alot of sense.

    this reminds me of a comment i saw on the daily show a couple weeks ago....he said something to the affect of: whats the world coming to when ed kennedy is making sense, and germany doesnt want to go to war?


  • ThiChi

    "Thi Chi, I have a girp, LOL you think men that can sit in washington and push a button are brave? "

    You are falsely creating a situation that has not happened. If "ifs and buts were beer and nuts, we would have a party." Remember, Iraq has already ordered its military to use their weapons of mass destruction if we attack (I thought they do not have WOMDs?).

    Dont start a word play with me. I know we are a Republic. Democracy is also a term used for a system of government where the people have a process or say to the government they belong to; elected representatives or direct elected representatives, its all good!

  • NeonMadman
    i couldn't help but notice the subliminal image in the mushroom cloud. Ya, the right side edge of the cloud is shaped like a wolf's head.

    Actually, it looks more like a golden retriever to me...

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