Bush wants to use Mini-Nukes

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  • Satanus

    I know this is a bit off topic, but i couldn't help but notice the subliminal image in the mushroom cloud. Ya, the right side edge of the cloud is shaped like a wolf's head. After i started watching for them, i saw quite a few in popular science mags.

    Someone* said that democracy died with the fall of russian communism. Let me explain. During the cold war, nations had a choice. Now, there is only one way, the american way, with it's multinationals of industries, banks, culture; or no way. If bush opens the door to nukes, it will bring in a new age, where all the countries will want them, and be ready to use them without stigma attatched.

    SS *a russian anticommunist called alexander zinoviev

  • justhuman

    There is an expresion in my country:


  • czarofmischief

    Build'em, Bomb 'em, Bury 'em!

    Death to Saddam!


  • Robdar

    Wow Saint Satan,

    There is a wolf's head shape in the cloud. Hehe, gives a whole new meaning to "unleash the dogs of war".


  • plmkrzy

    If they do have germs, and they probably do, and we drop bombs on them, then who will the after effect...effect? Imagine the potency of those clouds. And sense they don't care about dying as long as they can take as many as possible with them, then it only makes sense that they would plan ahead. Maybe they want to be bombed. Who knows what goes through the minds of mad men. We know what they are willing to do in order to make a point, and kill several thousand innocent people while they make that point. We are vulnerable, if hit in the right spot. That's the point they made when they made bombs out of our planes. They obviously can't storm the US with heavy metal otherwise they would, so they sit back and wait for the beast to storm them. Ben Laden is a mad man but he isn't stupid. Their whole reason for living is to destroy the US and go to heaven. That's all there is in their world.

    I would like nothing more then to see the lot of them (BL and his merry men) smushed and the sooner the better but I don't think this "war" is about stopping terrorism. There was another woman shot in the head and killed yesterday on her way to the store. A grandmother, shot and killed in front of her own house by retarded gang bangers who think they have a market on "tough" when in reality they are little stupid rats who have nothing better to do then kill grandmas and baby's playing in their own yards or kids walking to school and for what? Points? We have scum living in our own neighborhoods terrorizing people every day of the week and they don't even have a so called "cause" to fight for. But what do we want to do? Go to another country and bomb them because we are afraid of what they might do to us if we don't.

    Instead of sending soldiers over there, IMO we should be sending our soldiers into our own neighboorhoods to round up the rodent little gang bangers and send THEM to get Bin Laden and his stooges. We have an estimated 1/2 mil or so rodents running around our homes with loaded guns looking for people to kill so let them go over there and do it. If they don't come back it wont be much of a loss.

  • Erich

    Let Bush use nukes to bomb irakian civilists.

    You cannot watch quick enough to see the world going down to armageddon, consequently. MILLIONS of suizide-bombers will come from all parts of the world to fight against US then. Even from Europe. You cannot imagine what happens then. Not in your worst dreams.


  • searcher
    could lead to new "mini-nukes"
    the Pentagon has begun to consider the previously unthinkable:

    Where exactly in the article does it say ' Bush wants to use Mini-Nukes' ?


  • Realist

    erich erich erich,

    nothing will change if they use mini nukes (which they will NOT do). the fanatical arabs would already bomb america if they could...using nukes wouldn'T change anything.

  • Erich

    You have no idea at all.

    They (the US) have got nuclear mini-bombs since MANY years. Soviet Union already had it (nuke in a suit-case, didnt you hear of? Read the technology magazines!)

    What they are going NOW is to develope nukes with extremely low radioactive fall-out. Thats all.


    (You mean there will be no change of the world after use? Error;-)

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