Bush wants to use Mini-Nukes

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  • Satanus

    Czarofmischeif, the new nano genghis khan.


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  • back2dafront

    sad thing is that Bush would read Czar's post and request him to come work for him.

  • Erich

    Csar: >I want a war to make me feel safe - here's why. The blood of one American is worth one thousand of the enemy. ..<


    "Safe" ?.... SECURITY for a high price - if necessary, probably under extinction of the whole world ?

    Thats exactly that what the bible has meant when it told: "Whenever it is that they are saying: >Peace and security< then sudden destruction is to be instantly upon them...."

    There will NEVER be peace and security without a righteous world order. Tell Mr. Bush, that he at first should make efforts to eliminate hunger, diseases and misery all around the world. Misery is not necessary now at all because we have the technology to eliminate that. But they are going on to establish and strengthen the turbo-capitalistic economy system on every place in the world. Because NewEconomy collapsed (though they had staked on it with all their money!) they now are standing NAKED in the RAIN, and as a result, they have to confiscate the oil in the arabic regions. Thats the truth, and nothing else...


  • rem
    The US certainly would not (intentionally) put our own troops in that kind of danger (or am I being naive?).

    Oh ya? Guess you didn't hear about all the people that died from exposure to the spent uranium shells, while they were cleaning up the friendly fire accidents.


    Please elaborate. Were these combat troops or cleanup personnel? Whether the US military cares about its people or not, I'm sure they realize that putting your fighting troops in harms way while they are trying to fight isn't exactly the right strategy. I do realize that many people have been killed or diseased by exposure to radiation in the past from testing and cleanup. Many people have also been killed clearing out land mines.


  • Trauma_Hound

    No these were clean up personal, after the gulf war, they were sent around to clean up blown up friendly tanks, that were hit with friendly fire. One of the people involved with that has cancer, he showed a video of them cleaning it up without resperators. He showed a picture in front of a devistated tank of people that were cleaning it up, and said every one of the people were dead from exposure. Uranium vaporizes when it hits a tank, so there is this uranium dust, that they were breathing in. Iraqi children and parents are exposed to it, from the burned out iraqi tanks everywhere. There are thousands of cases of lukemia in those areas.

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