Bush wants to use Mini-Nukes

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  • rem
    The word "Nuclear" scares the ****** out of me

    I think this is the heart of the issue. Rightly or wrongly, the word 'nuclear' has been demonized and there is now an irrational fear of anything 'Nucular' (as Bush says). Yes there are big, bad nuclear bombs, but mini-nukes are just like more powerful conventional weapons - nothing like the holocaust unleashed by the H-Bomb. People are even afraid of nuclear power plants! For goodness sake, there needs to be a better education campaign in this country. So many irrational fears are based on ignorance.

    But, yes, if the US does utilize this 'tool' in its arsenal, it will be criticized because of the public fears, or perhaps because of the slippery slope it presents in some people's minds.


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  • Francois

    It is way past time that the people of MA put Ted Kennedy out to pasture. His day and his political ideals are not only over, but they have been over for decades. Not only that, but he is nothing more than a shadow of either one of his two brothers.

    The man:
    cheated his way through Harvard;
    sat on the bank of an eight foot deep canal while a young and pregnant woman died in his car;
    morns for the presidency that was never to be his in the first place;
    is a throwback to a time and place that is better left forgotten.

    He claims to be for the working man, yet he has never held a regular job in this life. He has no idea of what it is like to run a family on a given amount of money. Which is exactly why he has no concept of the impact and effect of taxes on whom ever they are imposed. He has never made a mortgage payment, a car payment, or any other type of installation payment. If all his speech writers were to suddenly walk, the man would be unable to utter a single well thought out, meaningful sentence. Absent his staff, he'd never draft a resolution, come up with an original idea, or introduce a bill in the well of the senate.

    Ted Kennedy is an anachronism and a pain in the ass. He is, in my opinion and that of millions of others a murderer via accessory after the fact. He is an embarrassment to the people of the United States of America and an insult to each and every man and woman in uniform who have given the ultimate sacrifice to insure the blessings of freedom and liberty for the people of this country.

    Ted Kennedy, I say again, should be put out to pasture. Tomorrow wouldn't be soon enough.


  • RandomTask
    It made me think of how we used to "parrot" what the WTS said..............she is doing the same thing, and parroting what she hears at home.

    What if her parents were anti-war, anti-Bush and she said "Bush is a terrible Presidentand we don't need a war"? Wouldn't she just be parroting her parents beliefs in that case also? I don't know how young this girl is, but children lack the kind of reasoning capabilities that allow them to make their own reasoned opinions based on facts and then formulate their belief system. So children, especially at a young age rely on what their parents think in order to believe in "something". I don't think this is unique to witnesses but simply an indication of an immature mind. ANd in children, having an immature mind is normal wouldn't you say! Its only worrisome when we have grown adults thinking like children, and then we have problems.

    Parents are concerned with raising their children not to think like them, but be able to think and form their own conclusions about the world, therefore, grounding them in reasoned thought. It is true folly when a parent simply makes their child believe what they do without building the foundation behind it. Thats why there are so many mindless JW drones today, especially those who were raised in the religion. They merely have a preconstructed belief, a hollow shell.

  • plmkrzy
    just wanted to say that radiation is not all that dagerous. the numbers about death caused by radiation are usually way exaggerated.

    LMAO! HAhahahaha. I read that and all I could picture in my mind was the new human race of folks literally

    talking out of their asses. Not dead...just talking out of thier asses.!

  • Trauma_Hound

    Funny Plum I was thinking the same thing.

    The US certainly would not (intentionally) put our own troops in that kind of danger (or am I being naive?).

    Oh ya? Guess you didn't hear about all the people that died from exposure to the spent uranium shells, while they were cleaning up the friendly fire accidents.


    Impeach Bush!


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  • czarofmischief

    I want a war to make me feel safe - here's why.

    When Clinton acted like he didn't know what the hell was going on, our army grew weak and our enemies strong.

    So, I say we beat the hell out of anyone that even LOOKS at us wrong! Nuke France! Who'd miss it?

    No, it's not a video game, it's even better, TH! This world is about strength and war and blood and death! Wipe 'em out!

    When our armies pound the feeble resistance into the ground, when Saddam hangs upside down a la Mussolini, with his rotten kids beside him, when the blood of fanatical Islam runs in the gutters, when even MECCA ITSELF has been reduced to a radioactive wasteland in the middle of the Hajj! Then I will feel better. The blood of one American is worth one thousand of the enemy. At last, a war has come that will test my fire, and I look forward to drinking the blood of my enemies from their skulls!



  • Trauma_Hound

    You sir need some serious mental help. I hope your not allowed to own guns.

  • ashitaka

    I'm no anti-war activist, but using nukes? Bush is out of his mind.


  • expatbrit
    and I look forward to drinking the blood of my enemies from their skulls!

    You're obviously new to this sort of thing aren't you. Ever tried doing that? If you have then you'll know about the subsequent four hours of laundry you have to do because the blood has run out of the eyeholes and nosehole and onto your nice clean celebratory wolfskin robes.

    Sheesh. Young people these days!


  • Realist


    you should consider stronger medication!

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