Watch your language boy/girl

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  • Billygoat


    Actually, even HL has been known to use the F word at home. It's extremely rare so I know something terrible is happening when I hear her use it.

    It sort of starts like this: "Oh.........F***!" .............5 second pause....."O-o-o-oh F***!" ..................10 second pause.................."Oh f*****kety f****kety f***!"

    Usually it's something really awful like she's burned the toast or something.

    LMAO!!!! The image of your lovely wife standing over burned toast saying is just hilarious! I've always pictured her to be so prim and proper - so English. LOL!

    I used to swear like a sailor. I especially loved the F-Word. I think because I had so much anger in my heart, it was the only word that came close to expressing what I felt. I still swear, but I do work hard at keeping it to a minimum. I don't have many vices, but this is one I've had a hard time completely breaking. I've been known to wear a rubber band on my wrist to snap when I catch myself cussing. It works pretty well, until I stop wearing it.

    Edited to fix the stupid quotations and I just screwed it up even more. Crap.

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  • kelpie

    i was always a good christian girl..

    i didnt even say crap.. crap i just said it...

  • crownboy

    I think swearing is nucking futs .

    Actually, I do have a natural propensity for letting an obsenity or two slip out, but usually not for others to hear. I try to keep my conversation speech clean, but if someone is saying something stupid, if it's a friend I'll them their speaking "bullsh*t", or just plain "sh*t". I never considered "damn" a curse, but I say "gosh darn it" even though I think it's a little cheesy. But if I stump my toe, or otherwise inflict some unintentional bodily harm on my person, all bets are off.

  • wednesday

    I have spent most of my life not cursing. The worst thing i woud say is "darn" "gee" or "oh my God" which are actually really bad lainguage a jw.When i went to work, i resisted having a potty mouth for a long time. Finally, they wore me down. But i would resue to say the F word. It seemed my doc made it a special mission in his life to get me to say the F word. he was so proud when i did. Now that i have very young grandchildren, i am back to trying to watch my language I cut lose with my therapist quite a bit, and he does too from time to time. i try and disguise it here on the board, by * out some letters. Since i am not working now, have found i don't curse nearly as much. I ahve found too, that many "worldy " people do not curse and don't appreciate it.

  • wednesday

    My father always used to use jesus H christ as a curse word. BTW, what does the H stand for?

  • Debz

    Boy! Has mine changed..lolol

    Now I have to really watch it if I talk to my `annointed` mum.,......lololol

  • abbagail

    LOL @ Wednesday! Good question. What DOES the "H" stand for?

    And I like Utopian_Raindrops' daughter's idea, that the grownups have to fork out a quarter for every curse word. Smart girl! and it probably helps the adults keep on their toes, too!

    Growing up, my parents never said "dirty words." However, when I was about 10 or 11, I did finally hear my mother say, "SH*T!" while she was using the sewing machine. I was soooooo shocked!

    I do not remember doing much cussing until the year after high school graduation and visiting my girlfriend who had moved away to go to junior college. She and her girlfriend were using the "F" word left and right, but not even as an expression of anger. They used it as an adjective or adverb to "describe" EVERYTHING, such as: "Wow! What a beautiful F***ing day it is for the beach!" I was again horrified, but they said it was "cool," so like a ditz I started using it as well. And that behavior continued until I became a dub at age 27. Before I was baptized and had moved to a new town and was visiting my new JW girlfriend, I did say "Damn" and her husband-JW gave me the polite lecture: "We don't allow that in our house." Sheeesh. I was sooooooo embarrassed. So either by peer pressure or by miracles, I never felt like I even had to "think consciously" about stopping or put forth much effort to stop cursing. It just seemed to go away on it's own. And I really did LIKE very much NOT cussing all those dub years. I thought it was GREAT to be free of it. I may have slipped up and let out a SH**T or D***MN when hitting my funny bone or stumping my toe, as some of the others have said. Maaaaaan, them there HURTS!

    Unfortunately, after leaving the dubs and hanging out with the worldlies, I not only picked up cussing again, but also smoking. Two habits I am not proud of and keep wondering on what day I will "turn around" from these behaviors and habits. I think it really is unlady-like to let the words fly, though I still do it. Boo hoo. Woe is me.

  • KistByQpid

    H = Holy

  • Angharad

    I seem to remember yelling quite a few colourful things while in labour with our second child!

    I admit I do sometimes swear when cooking but thats usually because I usually manage to burn myself (I'm a complete clutz in the kitchen)

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  • Sirona

    Eman!! You edited my post so it wasn't funny! Not fair!

    Why didn't you just edit it to say "F**K no"?


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