Watch your language boy/girl

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  • TR

    I like to get inventive with my swearing. I once overheard a guy swearing at something while in his workshop. I think he was just a tad pissed when he yelled, and I quote:

    "F**K the LORD!" F**K CHRIST!


  • Valis

    I cuss like a sailor most of the time...and try to behave while in class, but sometimes the students bring out the when they try and cheat this early in the semester ...they get the "Don't f*ck with me!" lecture which is chock full of vitriolic goodness. Around the kids I try extra hard not to use what are considered bad words...*LOL* When my five year old was still in Montessori preschool she heard me say dammit...well needless to say I get the call from the school cuz the kid is walking around all day saying "nammit!!!"..*LOL* though they hear all kinds of stuff on TV one can hardly catch it all or prevent it. As far as other people, I look past most of their language, because I am not easily offended...I doubt I'm important enough to get offended by words and when the language is meant to be ugly it usually is past time for a verbal exchange..

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    District Overbeer

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  • pr_capone

    Hell, I was swearing since I was still in the troof! All my friends did, we just didnt do it around other people that we didnt know so we wouldnt get into trouble. But swearing is common place for me now. I try not to do it TOO often but it does come out.

    And you should have heard e-mail when I was in Orlando. Man that guy can cussup a storm! LMAO


  • SheilaM

    After I left I went through a real F*** time in which I did cuss, but now I don't have the anger so I am back to me. When angry I do prefer the F word of all others though Thunder Rider never cussed but I taught him that along with many other things

  • happyout

    When we were growing up, we were not allowed to say anything that could be considered swearing. We couldn't say "lie", we couldn't say "butt", we always had to use euphemisms. Now, I hate to admit it, but I use swear words pretty casually. I reserve the really "bad" ones (starts with f and starts with s) for when I am REALLY angry. BUT, I have never, not once ever cursed around my child or any other child. I say FRACK when I hurt myself or something like that, and that's as bad as it gets. I used to think swearing was very unladylike, and showed a lack of intelligence, but now I pretty much take the view that around adults words are words, and as long as it is not a personally offensive word (like a racial or sexual slur),then I don't really sweat it.


  • RedhorseWoman

    Not very often, but when I do, people listen. They KNOW I'm really ticked if I use cuss words, and it gets their attention...mainly because I don't generally use them.

  • Englishman


    Ahem, *Cough cough*.


  • ignored_one

    My current favourite swear word is f**ksocks.

    Ignored One.

  • Mulan

    I am a prude about language. Sorry.

    I am overly sensitive to profanity. Not all words, but a few choice ones, that you can figure out what I mean. At least I don't flinch anymore when I hear them.

    For me it's more the influence of my very Victorian era, grandparents (Quakers) than being JW's.

    Occasionally, I will say something a little off color, and it makes my husband laugh very loud. I do it for the effect.................I don't think I have ever said the F word, unless I was quoting someone. It's just me, guys. Doesn't feel right to me.

  • rocketman

    Yes, I try not to use foul words and I am generally very sucessful at it. My sister is a die-hard JW who uses foul words quite often. I know several jws who use foul language.

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