Watch your language boy/girl

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  • Country Girl
    Country Girl

    I swear when I tumble down the stairs; I swear when I sprain my ankle in a hole; I swear when fire ants devour my calves; I swear when I tumble off the horses; I swear when my cat poops in the houseplant; I swear when I bang my head on the rafters in the loft -- so I'm always swearing.

    And then I swear not to swear anymore. <wink>

    Country Girl

  • funkyderek

    I swear a lot. I rarely use really bad words unless someone's being a complete c*nt, but I say things like f*ck, sh*t, sh*te, b*ll*cks, "b*gg*ry f*ck" and "J*s*s F*ck*ng G*d".

  • Trauma_Hound
    That was the one of the good things we were taught. I think people that swear all the time are stupid and lack imagination. People who swear because they think it's "cool" are the the biggest morons.

    Edited by - LuckyLucy on 4 February 2003 8:46:5

    So Lucky, are you saying your a Moron, since your swore at me in a private message?

  • Undecided

    This just reminded me of something that I did when I was about to become a teenager. For about six months I used curse words all the time when with children my own age, even though I was a JW. I don't know why I did this, I got over it and never did it anymore. Seems strange to me now. Part of growing up I guess.

    Ken P.

  • animal

    We always had biker-types around the house. When my son was learning to talk, he tells the wife "mommy, I say f*ck".... she looks at me. Busted!

    My kids know what they can say or not say, they have been exposed to more than most, and I think its healthy.


  • mouthy

    I always say & said ( while a dub) Fudge!! & sugar!! --instead of the "other words" but one time I was told by an elder I was wrong to do that ."Grace " he said " People know what you really mean when you say that,It has also been mentioned you say Holy Toledo often."""..( I still do)& Jumping Johosaphat...You will have to curb that Grace"""So what did Grace do .....Prayed for forgiveness & tried to stop.... I havent done very well! they are still my swear words....Oh I guess I wont make the Kingdom Hell again

  • wednesday
    Same here - we try to set a good example for the kids. However, they're still talking about the word Daddy used when we were lost in Florida trying to find our hotel at about midnight last June. And he thought they were asleep!


    lol nina, u can have kids or u can have secrets-as a friend once said.

  • Princess

    I loved the name Bridget used in Bridget Jones' Diary...f*ckwit. Just the other day Steve was irritated with a customer and I referred to her as Mrs F*ckwit. He found it rather amusing.

    I do try to keep it clean around the kids. I hate it when they swear at pre-school.

  • SYN

    Take Vivamus' word on this one, guys. Dutch is one of the most forceful languages of all time to swear in. The nice thing is, a lot of English speaking people really have no idea what some of the worst phrases mean, ehehehe, and you can get away with murder that way!!!!!! My mother tongue (Afrikaans) is a sort of "gangstaland" version of Dutch, and is nowhere near as formal, which means the cussing & cursin' just gets better the further south you go! YEAH!

    But seriously, I try and keep my posts here family friendly, but if you met me in real life...hehehe...let's just say that Mulan would be extremely offended (just pulling your leg Mulan!)

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