Watch your language boy/girl

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  • JH

    When we were in the org, we had to watch our language, and speak correctly and never swear. People knew we were JW's just by the way we dressed, but also by the way we talked. Do you still talk in the same polite way as before?

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  • blondie

    I throw in a hell, damn, or shit occasionally. I work in a very "professional" environment and bad language is not allowed from anyone.

    I found a new word, "fricking." Or as Farscape says, "frilling." Not exactly the same but satisfying. I am a wordsmith by profession and it shows a lack of ability when I resort to swear words. I like to insult people and have them not realize it till the next day as it sinks in.

    Most JWs strain out the gnat (the occasional heck) and gulp down the camel, using their mouths to destroy the reputations of their fellow JWs.


  • Vivamus

    Hell no! I do not watch my language. I curse like only Dutch people can when my frigging ashtray falls over. And on other occasions, I really don't watch my language, but I'm not overly crass.

  • Sirona

    Gosh, no.


    I do sometimes....


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  • email

    Do you watch your language?

    What the F#$%^ do you mean?...

    Like blondie said... depending on where I am you can say yes... but I'm not worried about what people think if a shit, damn, hell or f*** slips

  • archangel01

    Yeah one time I said the word "damn" in the car with some "friends" and they said it was a bad word. So I said with a big grin your joking right and they said no.So then I said well just think of the word as the one that holds water. There faces were shocked.LOL

    So I just make up my own words like blondie and say to myself "What would Jesus say to these Dub's"

    If they can't figure it out that's there problem!

  • Brummie

    Rofl @ Sirona and email!

    I tend to say "Who gives a flying...." the next word would be fart, but some think I mean the real F word, works for me.

    I really dont swear, but have no problem doing this "F&^K" as I'm a tad too polite to spell it out any clearer. NOT.


  • Wolfgirl

    My husband uses that sort of language quite often, so in the 2 years we've lived together, his language has rubbed off on me. I'm not as bad as him, but I do use it.

  • LuckyLucy

    That was the one of the good things we were taught. I think people that swear all the time are stupid and lack imagination. People who swear because they think it's "cool" are the the biggest morons.

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  • home_and_dry

    I do swear quite a bit but NEVER in front of my kids. There's nothing worse than hearing a child swear when they are just copying their parents and then getting told off for it!

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