Watch your language boy/girl

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  • Englishman

    Actually, even HL has been known to use the F word at home. It's extremely rare so I know something terrible is happening when I hear her use it.

    It sort of starts like this: "Oh.........F***!" .............5 second pause....."O-o-o-oh F***!" ..................10 second pause.................."Oh f*****kety f****kety f***!"

    Usually it's something really awful like she's burned the toast or something.


  • Auntie Flame
    Auntie Flame

    Not if I don't have to. But better than using the normally profane, I try to be innovative when referring to special sheep being "flocked" in the ria and fleeced by the Gov. Potty....the Gov. Potty's repeatedly premature articulation re: the advent of Harm-a-gettin'.....and the Gov. Potty's predilection (sp?) towards producing REAMS of "toilette" paper via the mags, which words have proven to be hypocritical especially in the case of their stances on the United Nations and child molesters within their borganization, along with many other brazenly inaccurate doctrinal isn'ts, so that now their words just don't "flush"...heheheh

    Auntie Flame ;)

  • dottie

    Since I started school I have been trying to "curb my tongue" a bit more. Before school however !!!! It was getting a little outta hand! I was like a drunken sailor ! eeeks! Not very nice for a lady

    Now it only gets really outta hand if I'm mad or upset...which isn't very often of course


  • wannaexit

    My husband and I have always tried to be gracious with our words, especially in front of our children. But I have to admit, since finding out the "truth" about the "troof" some unsavory words have been flying around our home.

  • email

    And you should have heard e-mail when I was in Orlando. Man that guy can cussup a storm! LMAO

    F*** you PR...

    LOL... j/k

  • Jesika

    Well, ironicaly enough this was one of the things I was Df'd for. I think a dub kid heard me say S*IT, and I was told on--again, that was like my 3rd j meeting for profanity.

    I would cuss in school, but not around any JW's, but it would slip if I hurt myself (ie stubbed my toe).

    Since then working in bars for 6yrs, well, I cuss like a sailor and talk about sex like it is the latest news on TV.

    Now that I am with a guy who is more reserved then me, I am not as bad as I was before and if I am at work (not a bar) I can control it, with the occassional slip up.

    It is kinda like a light switch, I can turn it on and off, but I don't mind cussing and it has become part of my everyday vocabulary.

    So, with that said...............................F*CK IT!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL (used to be my motto when I was pissed off)


  • Utopian_Raindrops

    I dont watch my mouth because my 12 year old does!

    She has a swear jar in which all who violate her law (guest or family member) on profanity must put a quarter in with every offending utterance they dare spit out!

    I about never use any such colorful metaphors but we live with my parents and both of them do! LOL

    When her father visits she gets quite a few quarters from him!

    The joke is she uses portions of her swear jar money to buy practical jokes so as to cause her unsuspecting family to have to continue to donate to her "Ban Foul Language Ministry Fund." Much the way The WTBS invests in the making of weapons so as too keep war alive and people afraid of the worlds emanate doom.

    Heres to Colorful Metaphors....

    Ciao 4 now,Utopian_Raindrops

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  • Solace


    I have to agree with the others, my kids and keep me in line. They usually let me know if I say anything offensive. I really dont swear much though and I hardly ever say the F-word. For the longest time, my kids even thought "Shutt up" was the S - word because they knew I didnt like it being said.


    Until this day, I am known, in-person, and where I work, as one of the politest, friendliest people.

    Do I swear? OH BOY, do I ever. But I tend to let my hair down so to speak, at appropriate times.

    How do people respond to my manners/courtesies? EXCELLENTLY

    People love to be treated nicely and with respect. Since I work in a tavern, the remunaration (tips) are exceedingly kind. It's not an act I put on, that's how I am.

    But overall, from what I remember, first impressions re: Jehovah's Witnesses - I noticed how polite they were. That much I can say.

  • Prisca

    I'm very similar to Mulan, in that I grew up in a household where swearing just wasn't done. My father was very much against swearing, and I honestly can not remember him ever swearing.

    I am not a swearer - I just prefer not to.

    I don't cringe at others' swearing, but I think that some people swear unnecessarily. I can understand if someone has just dropped a hammer on their big toe or something, but when every second word is "F" this and "S" then it's a bit much.

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