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    Do you I need to actually watch this crap? I feel the need to refute it. Did they say that Sanderson was an overlapper?

    Without watching it, I KNOW they fail to answers key questions, one being, "When does one become "spirit anointed", at their baptism?? Jesus was officially anointed at his baptism, according to the Bible, but that was not the standard.

    John was baptizing people in water to symbolize "forgiveness of sins", but The Christ was to baptize with Holy Spirit. So was Sanderson anointed when baptized, or after? When is an individual Xian "anointed" anyway?? I thought it was a private matter?

    Also, isn't the term "advancing in age" pretty vague? Are they saying that you must have been recorded as partaking before the cut-off date to be an overlapper?? If Sanderson is an overlapper, he could live another 60 years!

    They are masters of moving the goalpost! Their Adventist and Millerite predecessors would be proud!


  • ListlessWitness

    Are the R&F really buying this BS? Another GB inspired reinvention of a word that already has clearly defined meaning through common usage...

    So even Davy's explanation of an overlapping generation would, in normal terminology be described as at least 2 but probably several generations. That is, the PLURAL of the word generation, not some stretchy, undefined time period! If this doesn't work, will they start focussing on all the nuances of meaning in the greek word 'this' to explain why 'this generation' could mean anything other than the commonly accepted meaning?

    Need Oubliette to review and summarise...

  • cultBgone
    Adjusted Knowledge, I want to Like your post because you posted it, but I want to Dislike the comments from JWTALK! Bleh!!!
  • username

    Apostate. I looked on JWBroadcasting and it doesn't seam to be available for some reason. I really need to see this new teaching. Where the hell have they got 1992 from? If anything they could have said 1986 as this was the UN's year of peace and security, at least then there could have been a little credibility!

    I think someones been using the old rabbit and hat trick over in Brooklyn.

  • FayeDunaway

    These days it's hard to tell what's an apostate joke, and what's authentically from the Gb!!

    Is this for real???

  • Gayle
    same- o slop,, re-hashed ,,their 'recipe' is indescribable.
  • Finkelstein

    You can easy identify what is a cult when the leaders of an organization can pull unsupported bullshit out their asses to subsequently support previously devised bullshit such as 1914 and " The End Times doctrine "

    1914 was a bullshit doctrine that no other Christan based religion delved into for obvious reasons .

    Setting a specific date or calculating a date was actually condemned and admonished by Jesus himself when he stated that his true faithful followers should not pose a time on god's own sacred time.

    But when your trying to attract attention to the literature you want to proliferate, sometimes your willing to disregard some directive teachings expressed in the bible.

  • ListlessWitness


    I thought exactly the same when I saw pic of Splane with the chart! Really thought it were an apostapic! You couldn't make this sh!t up!...

    Except they do.

  • ListlessWitness
  • prologos

    What the projected chart shows is 2065 as the end of the single overlap, if another hundred year old jw heard Franz speak and was so moved to also partake and anoint himself.

    Even 100 years of 1975 celebration is almost doable.

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