Do You Remember When JWs Relished Explaining Their Beliefs?

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  • A Believer
    A Believer

    We still love teaching the truth to whoever will listen. It's been taught in 240 land. So only about 20 more to go. We know though whenever someone doesn't want to hear it, it's not us they are turning down.

  • stuckinarut2

    Oh and yes, just try reading the bible without any bias material from the society! It's amazing how many things become apparent. I was left feeling embarrassed as I recalled the way I used to defend the society....🙄😩

  • sparrowdown

    It actually works better for the borg to NOT have the dubs trying to splain stuff.

    If you have teachings and policies that make no logical or moral sense you would do well to avoid explaining them in detail. Politicians and conmen know this also.

  • A Believer
    A Believer

    Their is no bias friend. Only true understanding of the Bible. No Trinity, no hell. No pagan beliefs. (:

  • minimus

    I just had lunch with my girlfriend and an elder I haven't seen in 20 years was there with another guy and he was trying to tell me how things has changed so much and how progressive the witnesses are. I pointed out that I can't imagine Jesus Christ witnessing with a cart and not actively trying to teach and preach to people

  • DesirousOfChange

    Their is no bias friend. Only true understanding of the Bible. No Trinity, no hell. No pagan beliefs. (:

    It's not the issue of whether there is "bias" or not. It's just WRONG! Thanks to the availability of information via the internet & digital storing of (almost) limitless info, the failed prophecies, blatant lies, intentional misquotes, and deceit of the WTS now and in the past can no longer be hidden.

    "The time is coming when everything that is covered up will be revealed" (Matt 10:26, Luke 8:17). Yes it should be quite clear that some "Higher Power" is making it clear to all honest-hearted persons who click search on Google, that the WTS is corrupt and wicked.

    A Believer, it is sooo hard to admit that you have been a gullible fool that has (and evidently still is) being used like a pawn by a False Prophet that is no more than a bunch of greedy Money Changers. I know for I found it hard to accept myself. Quit spinning your wheel and wasting your life for naught. . . . Doc

    (Sorry for feeding the trolls!)

  • Sorry

    A Believer, you seem perfectly confident in your beliefs. Would you be kind enough to explain in detail why the preaching work is effective even though JWs can't keep up with the current birth rate, the ever changing policy on blood (no blood to receiving components of it), and the most confusing one of all, the overlapping generations.

    Remember, the Watchtower even said "old light should never contradict new light."

  • neverendingjourney
    he was trying to tell me how things has changed so much and how progressive the witnesses are.

    I got a call from a JW whom I used to be very close friends with. His pitch was: "We have TVs in the Kingdom Hall now! And videos on the society's website and at the assemblies!"

    Ah, okay, sign me up then.

    The funny thing is, I remember being out in service with him years ago and going on about how "Jehovah's people" didn't need television or radio. Preaching door-to-door like Jesus did was the way to go!

  • minimus

    Continuing this, this elder said to me to show how progressive they have become they now have 5 to 10 minutes at meetings where they show videos. I said they should've been doing that decades ago! Then he said things are really getting bad these last few years and I agreed saying it was Obama"s fault. He kinda laughed. He said u wouldn't believe how many people have "crawled " back to the meetings, realizing how bad things are. I responded with , I knew if no one wanting to crawl back. When I was leaving he offered me a "wager" and said I seemed negative to what he said and I responded I wasn't negative at all/-/just realistic. I asked. Him what he wanted to wager about and he said something about we will see.... and just laughed. I shook his friends hand and wished them the best and happily walked away.

  • A Believer
    A Believer

    Desirous of change I am sorry you feel that way. To me the GB are just like the people who wrote the Bible, in the sense that whenever they were in the wrong they owned up to it. Jesus said forgive not 7 times but 77 times. And the Bible says more information would be revealed and light of it keeps getting brighter.

    I am a believer because anything you search about the other religions immortal soul, trinity, hell, all have traces to pagan origin. Which religion doesn't teach this, yet exalts the name Jehovah like the Bible said to? Other religions don't even say the name, it doesn't even occur in thier Bible but like 6 times. This is the opposite of what Jesus said to do when he said sanctity the name.

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