If she doesn't comply an orange jumpsuit is in her future

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  • DJS

    Not surprising really. A heavily fundie state during an election period where right wing fundie pols are manipulating this for every vote.

    The poltical pressure had to be enormous.

    It will be interesting theatre. Popcorn bin is full.

  • LoveUniHateExams

    Love that last post, OUTLAW! You certainly have a talent for expressing yourself using pictures.

    She's been released?

    *puts kale salad back in the fridge*

    Watch out gay boys, there's a dangerous homophobe on the loose ...

  • _Morpheus
    I think the problem was there wasnt cause to continue to hold her. Once her office began issuing licenses the cause for contempt was gone. It will be interesting to see the next phase. Shes stated she has no intention of changing her poition
  • Simon

    Imagine a country run by religiot hicks and I'll show you an intolerant and abusive regime. These people are just the opposite of extreme and literal islamists but thankfully with less power - even way back the founders knew what a threat to freedom religion was and knew democracy needed protecting from it.

    Separation of church and state - get your views the hell out of our governments.

    Sickening seeing these clowns flout the law and then go on as though they scored some victory. At least Huckerbee has guaranteed his unelectability now. He must scan the airwaves looking for some Christian rapist, child abuser or general fugly fool to go support.

    Who thinks he put his best dungarees and hat on for the camera? LOL

  • DJS
    Kim Davis - Goat brained stubborn Appalachian fundie with HS education, ScotsIrish Born to Fight DNA, born and bred amongst people who look and act exactly like her with her tiny furry feet stuck deeply into concrete. And now a cult following.


    Judge Bunning - The judge's newly revised court order states that, if she interferes in the marriage license process again, there will be consequences.

    Coming soon to a theater near you: "If She Doesn't Comply an Orange Jumpsuit is in Her Future Part II."

  • Simon

    Oh dear god, they are bringing her out to Rocky music after some rambling gibberish by Huckerbee and have given her a mic.

    I hope someone takes Huckerbee up on his offer to be locked up for 8 years ! :D

  • _Morpheus

    And again, i cant be bothered to watch some hayseed from a tiny little county crow about being locked up as if it was some huge victory.

    Resign your post and then you will habe credibility. Until then, shut up and give menmy pork sandwhich

  • Fisherman

    I was wondering why Davis wasn't released when her deputies began to issue the licenses. Evidently, despite her refusing to authorize them, her deputies get their authority from the State and not from Davis. They could not force her to endorse gay marriages.


    Seems like Davis got her Reasonable Accomodation after all ins-spite of how much Vivian knows about how the US government is run and me being wrong 100 percent of the time.

  • Simon
    Seems like Davis got her Reasonable Accomodation after all.

    I don't think this is finished.

    I doubt she will have the brains to keep her mouth shut and do her job. She will be back in jail before long.

    She is George Wallace. History is not on her side.

    The US cannot and should not make any exceptions for the law. It should be applied equally and impartially to all, and enforced with whatever force is required.

    The national guard were needed to force some to comply with the law and against their beliefs the everyone wasn't entitled to equal treatment when the courts had ruled that they were.

    Any pandering to this idiot will create a legal mess. You will have a free for all of discrimination. I just hope she likes being turned away from places. I would not serve her if I had the chance (not to).

  • LisaRose
    eems like Davis got her Reasonable Accomodation after all ins-spite of how much Vivian knows about how the US government is run and me being wrong 100 percent of the time.

    What reasonable accommodation is that? She is not allowed to interfere with her deputies giving out licences, she could just have done that in the first place. It sounds like she is the one who made the accommodation.

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