If she doesn't comply an orange jumpsuit is in her future

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  • Viviane
    Fish, are being intentionally obtuse at this point or are you really incapable of grasping basic facts?
  • Viviane
    But you cannot debate with me as others can.

    No one is debating you because all you have a ignorance and lies. You've no argument. I only keep pointing this out to serve you up as a warning to others as a product of lack of thinking skills and an inability to deal with reality.

    Or how trolls looks. Either way works for me.

  • Fisherman

    Vivian, your remarks about me and about my posts do not invalidate what I have said in my posts.

  • Viviane
    No, reality and facts do that.
  • Fisherman


    reality and facts do that.

    Saying that facts and reality invalidated my posts do not invalidate my posts either

  • Fisherman
    By the way, she has not been charged with official misconduct. -Yet
  • Rattigan350

    She is in jail because Kentuckians marry their cousins and are hick hillbillies and drink bourbon. If it were a state with an IQ above 70, this would not have been an issue.

    But someone needs to educate her on the Bible. If she knew the Bible, she would know that Biblical marriage is not done by saying I Do, or signing a license, it is done by having sex. - Which is why gay marriage does not happen and is not real.

  • LisaRose

    To those who think Kim Davis should be allowed to not issue marriage licences to people she doesn't think should be allowed to get married:

    If a devout Muslim worked at the DMV, would you support his right to not give women a driver's licences?

    If not, why not?

  • Village Idiot
    Village Idiot

    Good point Lisa.

    One can come up with many similar examples like that of a Jew working at a restaurant refusing to serve pork products.

  • kaik
    I said it last week in this thread that she will end up in jail. She is breaking the law by disobeying court, and she will stay there for some time. It is her choice. She could resign her 80K job that she got through nepotism of her mother, but she decided to play a fake Christian hero instead an elected official that must uphold county, state, and federal law. She cannot decide on her own, who will get marriage license and who not based on her religious conviction.

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