If You Drive By A Kingdom Hall, How Do You Feel?

by minimus 58 Replies latest jw friends


    Hehehe!!! I'm glad I'm driving right on by. . . LOL!!!


  • Aztec

    I feel frightened..shudder...

    someone hold me

    I honestly cringe whenever I see one.


  • LB

    If I'm driving by myself I usually just glance over but sometimes I won't even notice it. If my wife is in the rig with me I'll have some fun, give the hall a finger and curse them out a bit. My wife loves that stuff.

  • zanex

    in a word? homicidal..lol

  • Athanasius

    Happy that I don't have to attend meetings there anymore.

  • GermanXJW

    I think about the time when I went there regularly and notice that life there goes on wothout me - and mine without them.

    When I see them gardening or cleaning I am relieved that this is not my task anymore.

    Sometimes I think about breaking in and stealing my Publisher Card. ;-)

  • onthego

    Like mailing everyone there a copy of this:

    SHOCKING FACTS TOLD OUT OF LOVE FOR CONGREGATIONS OF JW'S AND THE PUBLIC: As Dateline NBC proved in 2002 Watchtower Society (WTS) heads over Jehovah's Witnesses (JWs) cover up child molestation and let pedophiles go door-to-door (also http://www.silentlambs.org 1 877-WT-ABUSE). They said God opposes the UN but in 1991-2001 were a formal UN associate not just to use the UN's library as proved if you will read the Nov 22, 1998 Awake magazine closely and for the 2nd entry there: http://www.unhchr.ch/udhr/materials/articles.htm

    1 Cor 6:1 only says judge "trivial" things as in business, James 2:4-13 calls judging harmful, and Paul says the "majority" (2 Cor 2:6) followed his advice to shun a wrongdoer, meaning a minority chose not to and yet he nowhere condemns them, yet the WTS has formal Judicial Committes destroying families via numerous formal renderings of disfellowshipment (severe shunning).

    Acts 15:20 says abstain from blood but 1 Sam 14:32-5 says Saul's army ate unBLED meat to not starve and no verses show God not forgiving them. Christ says God also forgave David's eating temple holy bread and that "God wants mercy not sacrifice." (Mt 12:7) The May 22, 1994 Awake tells of 26 JW kids who died without transfusions, and by common sense in massive bleeding as in car wrecks blood expanders won't save lives
    http://www.ajwrb.org. About 3 JWs die daily earthwide from the unscriptural policy, (Blood On The Altar by David
    Reed) and most normal identical twins transfuse blood to each other via a shared placenta, a natural affirmation of God's will. Doctors, nurses and the public need to inform JWs of these facts to save lives, as WTS heads don't fully inform them.

    Some interested, fed-up JWs calling themselves in general Free Christians or by other local names like the Active Christians of Jah, have formed and encourage others to also form nonWTS groups meeting in homes with Unity by love rather than forced uniformity of beliefs. Groups are led by Jehovah's Christ and Spirit rather than a single human, and have the Bible for Teacher rather than magazine articles and imperfect humans. Some teach but do not compel the belief also held by many independent Baptists and others that resurrection for some will be on Earth returned to Edenic paradise. Thus true Bible Study groups, sometimes called Free Christians, are forming, orginated by those wishing to do so and without any need to ask any human to form or be the teacher or spiritual leader for them. (2Ti 3:16) So far still more have joined other church groups including non-denoms or stayed associated with the WTS but greatly decreased donations and support to its heads. WTS heads misrepresent yearly growth among JWs which the 9-11 tragedy made appear to be increasing but in reality is in decline.

    What you are reading can and has saved lives. JWs are not allowed to freely read it when it's put in their hands but do when it is mailed/emailed to them. It was written out of love for not only beloved ones still misled by the WTS but also to better inform the public, doctors, nurses, attorneys etc. Please make and use copies of this for years ahead.

  • longtimeout

    There's a kingdom hall right down the street from where I live. Every time I drive by, I'm compelled to look. At night, through the windows, there they are. Either sitting in benumbed silence, or standing and singing in off-key accompaniment to clunky, canned music. I get nauseated just thinking about all the years I wasted in these deathly boring (sales)meetings. I guess it's a good thing to always have one of these halls close-by. It serves as a constant reminder of how better off you are by NOT having to go anymore. For this purpose at least, they accomplish something worthwhile.

  • minimus

    More enjoyable than driving by a Kingdom Hall is seeing, in New York City, WATCHTOWER......it sends goosebumps up my spine.

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