If You Drive By A Kingdom Hall, How Do You Feel?

by minimus 58 Replies latest jw friends

  • minimus

    comments please.

  • D8TA

    I don't "feel" anything...but I do "think": Hey, no windows still.

  • blondie

    Happy, that I am not stopping to go in this time. My illness has made it possible to miss many meetings. But being sick is a drag.


  • wonderwoman77

    It is interesting that you post this because the other day I was with my gf and we drove by one. Inside I immediately became anxious and a little upset. When I go by the one in my hometown, I get angry because I remember how the people from there treated me. I do not know why it still has this hold over me, but it does. It is interesting....

  • heathen

    I think they need a rubber room and some straight jackets . Those people are nuts

  • roybatty

    The KH in my area is on the main road and I'm forced to drive by it whenever I leave the house. Regarding what I think, it depends on what I see. Today when I drove by on my way to the post office I saw only two cars in the parking lot for Saturday morning field service. A couple things went through my head. First, I was mildly surprised at the few people out. Secondly, I thought of the older "sister" who's car I saw and felt sad about all the years she's invested in the JWs. On Wednesday when I drove by I saw all the pioneer car in the parking lot and I thought to myself "what a waste. seven people who could be doing something good for the community instead of giving away magazines that people just throw away."

  • Sabine

    Wouldn't ya know it, my son's girlfriend lives a block behind the local KH. Everytime I drive by I get very naughty ideas of various forms of vandalism....I just laugh it off now, but at first it made me physically ill to have to drive by. I do look at how cars are parked and how many are out in service, then thank my lucky stars to be free at last!

  • dottie

    ...like throwing eggs and rotten veggies


  • pr_capone

    I think that I still have keys to some of them.

  • gumby

    I just drove by the hall a half hour ago.

    I think how glad I am to be out and how I feel for those still in. I see cars there for service and think......what a waste.....what a waste. All these people going through 'routine' to "fill their obligation" to men.....and to God.I suppose it's as good of a waste of time as anything else.......the danger lies in them getting others involved who will put their life and trust into a false hope.


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