What went through your mind when you saw this Picture?

by John Aquila 71 Replies latest jw experiences

  • Diogenesister

    They don't look angry they look like they are laughing - or 'grimacing' to be more exact, like they have pooped their pants, yeeeuk kind of face. The artist is so used to painting inane JW fake smiles he can't do angry. Gods people don't look in the least perturbed- petting those lions and eating giant fruit for 1000 years has turned them into automatons.

    Thanks Outlaw for putting in the pic I couldn't see it in the OP.

  • Muddy Waters
    Muddy Waters
    *bumping* for a good laugh to start the day (or to have in the middle of the day) or to complete your day, lol, depending what time zone you are in. :)

    LOVE the comments and every one's sense of humour! Bless you all. :)

    (I don't mean bless in the religious sense. So DONE with that! But you are all blessings to me, thank you. :)
  • MarkofCane

    So ok, let's assume it’s all true and Jesus comes and conquers the great serpent and binds him in the abyss. Now 1000 years of perfection is upon mankind, perfect ruler ship. So we are getting younger, wiser, stronger, hair is fuller, are limp is gone, sickness and death are no more, every conceivable ailment is removed. Now we are living forever, dead being resurrected and creating a perfect new world.

    So when I saw this for the first time I thought who in there perfectly right mind would think this sucks where’s that serpent at. Let’s all gather at the river and overthrow this bitch.” Everyone grab a headband and find your best stick and meet me at the river.” It does appear the wicked outnumber Gods people, if the majority are not happy again then perhaps the people were never the problem to began with. Incredibly I really tried to believe this stuff.


  • Muddy Waters
    Muddy Waters

    Ha, so true, MC. I wondered about this too. Why would so many people rebel?? It didn't make sense that so many of our "brothers and sisters" living in a beautiful paradise would want to side with Satan.

    ... Stupid teachings and philosophies of men which made no sense....

  • prologos
    But all is not lost, look at the kids in the picture, couples still coupling after 1000 years of perfect sex. but where are the four corners of the new earth?
  • FirstLastName
    I always felt the well groomed "rebel" lady in the far left corner was uncommitted in her rebelliousness. She only seemed slightly miffed.
  • Clambake
    I didn't realize Hendrix was going to be in paradise earth. The octopus is just the LSD kicking in.
  • Vidiot


    I wonder what it would be like to peruse that book while on peyote...

  • Vidiot

    Oops, double post.

  • CookieMonster
    Why is it that the great crowd get tested twice by Satan for an earthly reward while the anointed are tested once and rewarded with a 1st class ticket to heaven?

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