What went through your mind when you saw this Picture?

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  • respectful_observer
    I was pretty young when the Revelation book came out. I remember looking at this illustration and thinking to myself "sheesh...even after 1,000 years, Jehovah's going to once again have to kill the vast majority of humankind? What are MY chances?"
  • Oubliette

    Sparrowdown nailed it!

    Bad art.

  • Heaven

    Village Idiot said: SafeAtHome, that illustration depicts an event that's supposed to occur after the Millennium where some of Paradise's people turn wicked and threaten those who are faithful.

    Interesting. So this is supposed to go down in Africa then, due to the presence of the lion there in the middle of the pic. (Heaven says as she rolls her eyes).

  • Half banana
    Half banana
    Actually "calamari" was the thing which instantly showed on the brain screen, then I thought "giant squid" then; what a horrid WT illustration? Then I thought it's a depiction of a paranoid state of mind and lastly; a nightmare of magic realism. You did ask.
  • StrongHaiku
    First thing that came to mind? Cathulu being worshipped at the "Burning Man" festival.
  • Watchtower-Free
  • Muddy Waters
    Muddy Waters

    omg, hahaha, I love reading these comments!

    I remember this illustration from way back when, and analyzed this picture with such a different mindset!! It was so frightening to me then, and so discouraging too, knowing there would be, once again, another battle with Satan and his head-banded hordes.

    And doesn't Satan (in drag, I mean, as the dragon) look crumpled in this picture.... It looks like he's just crawled or limped out of the abyss -- you can even see his skid marks, or his "tire-tracks" or tail tracks .... And he sure has a lot of people on his side! How can this be? How could so many of our "perfect" brothers and sisters be so angry with us so as to wish us harm, with those frightening dog-chewie sticks?

    (I never even noticed back in the day how lame those sticks were! Just the fact that Satan was in the picture, and angry people -- our own brothers & sisters, maybe even family! -- turning against us, was all it took to provide the terror!!)

    That part always amazed me, and is, I realize, a cult technique used to make us fearful of each other and not quite trust each other. Makes it all easier for people to be disposable and cast them off as rubbish and bird food, in any era or time.

    The beards, the goatee, the headbands! Just everything. The woman with her hair in a bun beside Ozzy (or Bonaduce, Partridge Family) .... It is so laughable now.

  • diana netherton
    diana netherton
    Headbands were quite fashionable then....think Olivia Newton John! The one guy in the middle looks like he's try to eat the other person's hair or something.
  • Munster Abu
    Munster Abu
    ozzie osborne in the bottom left corner.

    I used to think he was based on Axel Rose. Revelation book (I think it was from that book) came out when GnR were huge.

  • JW_Rogue
    I was a kid when we studied this but even then I thought it was strange that Satan would come back again. Didn't Jesus already prove that a perfect man could remain sinless? In my mind I thought why would anybody join Satan after 1,000 years of Paradise? You would have to be pretty dumb, yet in the pic there were more people on Satan's side than God's.

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