Brother who works on JW Broadcasting gave a 20 minute talk, said something big is coming next month.

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  • RubaDub

    Perhaps they will be accepting American Express also.

    Rub a Dub

  • baltar447
    Whatever it is I predict it will be a big snore fest as usual.
  • StarTrekAngel

    Being a world wide religion, they do not have to put a whole lot of content. They can just re run whatever they have. Different languages and different content based on location. I used to toy with FTA TV and I've seen some middle eastern channel (talk about indoctrination) where the same old man talks all day in the same channel, 24/7.

    They make it sound so huge. I work for an internet company and we have our own TV studio. It only took 5 people to put it together. Now if you count all the "servants" that bring coffee for the GB and fan air on them.

  • freemindfade
    It probably has something to do with the annual meeting will be broadcast via the site.
  • cappytan
    Thats interesting cappy..... What would they show all day?

    They already have a 24 hour streaming version of JW broadcasting that has various programming scheduled throughout the day. If you go to the tv[dot]jw[dot]org website and click on "Streaming" you'll see what it's like.


    Something big?!?!?!! Jared Fogle has accepted a bible study???


  • campaign of hate
    campaign of hate

    Wait a second, so it's been 90 years since WBBR, so it has to be Jehovahs hand?

    WTF? If WBBR was so good, why stop it in the first place.....Was that Jehovahs hand?

    He talks in a way that Video on the internet has just been invented, idiot.

    There's so many bullshit departments being made in and outside of bethel, that will keep the masses busy. Too busy to question what they are actually wasting their life doing.

    Seriously guys, it doesn't take much to set up a little studio, stick 1 or 2 cameras in front of people, and stick it on the internet....They are using all these expensive cameras, where they could be using middle of the road stuff which does the same job.

    Stick a load of pre recorded videos on a cloud and stream them to conventions....

    Can someone please tell me why that is so difficult???...

  • SecretSlaveClass
  • GodZoo
    Can someone please tell me why that is so difficult???...

    Because it's evidence that God is with them..

  • freemindfade


    "This just in, JW Broadcast is still going!! That is all, oh yea send money and ignore the apostate news media"

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