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  • Abaddon

    Oooo... lovely, a nice fight.

    Jelly, a Brit DID invent the language that the Internet is built on, just like you Americans use another langugae from England every single day... and you may have helped us win two wars (not beat us), but Britain actually won the last war we had with the USA, the war of 1812, when not only did we win, but we burned down parts of Washington including government buildings.

    TR, you ever seen the film footage of the withdrawl from Vietnam?? Helicopters, embassy roof, running... that's called losing in the UK!!
    And the attempt to free the hostages in Iran crashed and burned, not because of Jimmy Carter, but because it was badly planned and poorly executed.

    Jan H, you know your history!!

    openminded, if Britain invented boybands, as in a manufactured group of boys for the teen market, what in hell were the Monkees??

    BSE (mad cow disease) is probably already in the US, due to feed imports before the bans. Mink fed meat from cows that have died from 'unknown' diseases have contracted a similar brain disease, and wild deer have a similar disease, and the prion that causes it is pretty damn good at jumping species barriers, so there's no reason it won't do it again.

    And Americans can't spell. All those z's where s's should be, and missing u's, and er's instead of re's, and u's instead of ough's. Honestly, it's not that difficult if you tried a little harder.

    And American Football is a boring version of Rugby Leauge, which in turn is a boring version of Rugby Union, which is played by really tough guys...

    And in the 'States, during the Olympics, once all the Americans are knocked out of a sport you virtually stop covering it, which is kinda self-obsessed, although it's fair to point out if we did that in Britain there'd be virtually NO Olympic coverage at all!!

    But all this pales into insignifigance when compared to the real reason why Britain rocks and the USA sucks.

    George W Bush.

    Do you realise the BBC have slashed their spending on comedy programmes, as the next four years are going to be richly amusing.

    If you wanted a hereditary monarch back, you could have asked. We've got loads of self-serving stupid royals to spare. I guess with daddy Bush being George IV (or is it V, I can never remember which mad German was King when the US rebelled), George W is George V of the USA, and we can at least say we didn't choose our monarchy... you choose that klutz!!

    I think that makes it UK 1000 USA 0, but if you want a second chance, how about a nice game of cricket?

    got to live for
    you'd die for?

  • joelbear

    Top 5 reasons the US whoops the UK.

    5. We don't have to go to another country to get some sun.

    4. Our cows may be a little loopy but they aren't mad.

    3. Y'all are closer to France.

    2. We have more sense than to try and conquer India.

    1. Our queens don't pretend they are running the country.

  • Julie

    Hi Everyone,

    Great debate but the answer is obvious. The USA is the best and the reason is that we import the best from all over the world. In fact, it seems that more people want to relocate to the States than anywhere in the world. One look at the immigration situation here should deter any argument. So while it may seem arrogant to claim the USA "the best" it might make the claim more palatable to others (read: losers ;-) ) if we are willing to admit it is thanks to the people of all lands, who came and contributed, that have made it so.

    And as far as military success, while it's true we aren't batting 1000, does anyone really consider us "inferior"?

    This country is great and if you don't believe me just watch and see how quickly we recover after we get rid of Bush & Co.

    And if you are reading this Joelbear, very funny top 5.

    Regards to all,

  • expatbrit

    RECOUNT DEMANDED: Shania is a Canadian girl!

    Actually, most famous Americans are. It's a secret Canadian plot to take over America.

    Most of 'em still think Captain Kirk is an all-American hero! lol.


  • jelly


    Just so you know we only let the canadians believe that they are an independent county, its acutally americas 53 state, right behind the UK and Mexico.

  • mommy

    But honey, Shania saw the light and came here I think if I lived in the cold tundra I would be looking for a warmer climate to take over too

  • expatbrit

    Jelly and Mommy: LOL!

    Once Quebec does finally separate and break up Canada, we may well become part of America!

    Once the UK finally gets over the Euro thing, they'll join NAFTA and eventually federalise with America too.

    Then the Aussies and Kiwis wont want to be left out, and they'll join the federation too.

    We'll all be one happy family, united under the benevolent reign of King Charles III!

    And I couldn't agree with Shania more. I'll be heading down to sunny SC myself in a couple of weeks for a recuperative vacation.


  • riz


    :1. Our queens don't pretend they are running the country.

    ROTFLMAO! Nicely done. I'm sure RuPaul could show George W. a thing or two. No pun intended, of course.


  • LDH

    Of course, the USA has just won straight-away!

    Why? Because our UK-Froot Loops cousins don't know that the US NEVER DECLARED WAR ON VIETNAM. It was always classified as 'The Vietnam Conflict'...

    Therefore, we didn't lose the war, because it never was a war to start with!

    (Although the above is true, I feel I must self-censor and deduct one point for doing WT doublespeak....)

    USA -10

  • JanH


    Therefore, we didn't lose the war, because it never was a war to start with!

    The last declaration of war was the ones between Germany and the U.S.A. during WWII. Declarations of war are outdated, and never used these days. The Vietnam war was a real war, as any historian and a heck of a lot of servicemen can comfirm.

    Deduct at least 10 points from the US score for having a population with a miniscule knowledge of even its own history.

    - Jan
    "Pluralitas non est ponenda sine neccesitate." - Occam

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