Discussing the RC with a friend and my JW wife was listening.

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  • Driving Force
    Driving Force

    I am fuming at the moment and my wife has made me so angry.

    I live in Germany and an ex JW, a friend of mine is also ex JW but does not understand English so I was giving him a rundown on the Friday session of the RC with GJ. My wife was in another part of the house but heard my phone ring and so she came to listen, I did not realize this, because when the phone rang I closed two doors between myself and my wife. She opened the first door and started listening to the conversation. When I started listing the untruths that GJ said during the questioning and calling him Pinnochio and said that his nose grew so big he could not leave the room again (I guess that was a lie from me), she burst into the room and started screaming that I was being dishonest, she was not interested in hearing any facts she just wanted me to stop expressing my opinion to someone else.

    I requested calmly that she leave the room, she refused and started shouting and being abusive and calling me names, so I shouted back that she should leave the room. Again she refused, so I threw her out and locked the door. I went back to my discussion with my friend, who immediately apologized for calling me and causing me these problems. I assured him that he wasn't the cause of this. Anyway after about 5 mins. my wife who all the time was on the other side of the door started screaming again, and calling my a liar.

    So from my room there is a door leading up into the attic, so I went up there to carry on my conversation.

    Anyway it took a great deal of effort not to punch her in the nose.

    Out marriage is ruined, and I place full blame on the man in the sky, Jehovah, because my wife is only doing what the JW org wants her to do and that is to put Jehovah/GB above everything. She also warned me that I am not stronger than Jehovah and that I cannot fight against Jehovah. She really is delusional.

    Anyway after writing this I have calmed down a little.

  • oppostate

    Your fight isn't with your wife nor with Jehovah. It may sound strange but that's how it seems to me--I've had so many arguments with my wife about the WT hierarchy!

    Realizing that my wife is being mentally controlled isn't easy. I realize too that until a few years ago I was too.

    The WT uses Jehovah as a strawman, a scapegoat to deflect blame for itself. I believe that in order to fight this battle one needs to see who the real enemy is. Not to be throwing punches at the air, but make each blow stick and find its target.

    The real target is the people who control and support the WT.

    Jehovah doesn't feel the pain when you strike out. What is really going to hurt the WT beast is to make it easier for people to wake up and stop supporting the WT with contributions and with free labor.

    I hope you find some relief and peace. Don't blame or accuse your wife, she's been made to protect the WT through mind control, give her space and treat her like the victim of this cult that she really is.

  • Driving Force
    Driving Force


    Thank you for you kind words. Yes I do know who the enemy is, but my wife does not. I have been receiving counseling form a trained psychologist, and it is helping a great deal.
    How to deal with all this is difficult, but maybe she decides to leave me, which is fine by me. There is no more love in the relationship, she gives all that to the bOrg.

  • breakfast of champions
    breakfast of champions

    Ugh, horrible. So sorry. But I think OPPOSTATE is right: your wife is a cult victim, and the screaming and crazy behavior is just a symptom of it.

    I hope things get better.

  • Driving Force
    Driving Force



  • ssn587
    Return the favor when she is on the phone, scream accuse her of lying. Just once and after she is done with the phone tell her you did this to me now how do you like it?
  • ToesUp

    Driving force. Sorry about your current situation. If it was my spouse, I would recommend she watch both parts of Jackson's testimony. She can not claim it is from an apostate source? It gives her a chance for her to watch with her own eyes! A JW leader admit, under oath...that the org she love's, acknowledges that child abuse does occur.

    If she did watch it, then I would remain silent. Wait until she wants to discuss it, if ever.

    Send the video links to her email. She's a Witness, you know she want's to watch it!

    DF, Hang in there...we are rooting for you!

  • Driving Force
    Driving Force


    Nice suggestion, but that drags me down to her level, I am above that and so is everyone who knows TTATT.

  • Driving Force
    Driving Force


    Even-though it comes directly from the GB, she still considers it to be lies. Like I said she is disillusion. She cannot be reasoned with.

  • Diogenesister

    DF, this is just rubbish innit? Two people who used to love each other (still do) hurting each other over a 3000 yr old story book. Everyone is right, it is, of course, that rich publishing company that is the root of the problem.

    Have you got Steve Hassans' book on cult mind control? Glad you are getting help. One thing I will say, this life is oh so short. We open our eyes for a short time on this beautiful, insane universe- make the most of it, remember you can only control you (and that is arguable!)Life can be tough, grab all the happiness you can and don't let go, oh & make sure you have kids at some point - its the only kind of immortality you will ever have, the ancient jews were right about that!

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