Discussing the RC with a friend and my JW wife was listening.

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  • Driving Force
    Driving Force


    I have documented this experience here, I will do no more than that. I think the RC are looking at this site and others. If they contact me through a PM, I will give them whatever information they want.

    Actually after this incident I decided to record every conversation I have with my wife, to document her outbursts or religious hatred. This will most definitely be to my advantage if there is an issue of child custody. I am sure the Youth Welfare Office would take an interest in these outbursts, as such things do have an affect on a child.

    Well this cult really does have full control of my wife.

  • Magnum

    Oubliette & Vidiot, I agree that it's because they are afraid.

  • Dumplin

    Men, said the Devil,
    are good to their brothers:
    they don’t want to mend
    their own ways, but each other's.

    -- Piet Hein

  • problemaddict 2
    problemaddict 2

    Wow what a story. It reminded me that maybe not even two years ago my wife started punching me in anger because of how I was ruining our lives.

    She hasn't been to a meeting in a year, and wants nothing to do with the religion. We are just still on the down low because of family. I say it all the time, if my wife can leave.....anyones can.

    The story is amazing. She didn't even see the testimony but has decided you are lying. She is ready to back this man she has never met, and yell and scream at her husband about this mans reputation, without any knowledge of whats up. What a betrayal that must feel like.

    Equating with you working against Jehovah because you said this guy is lying. The way they have conflated themselves with God himself while not doing so explicitly, is pretty amazing. Have to hand it to them.

    How else would someone act like this simply because you hold an opinion about some testimony! I mean what kind of reaction is that!

    My heart goes out to you.

  • James Mixon
    James Mixon

    Why is it we are so calm when pointing out problems in the organization but

    JW's go berserk calling people names, really get emotional. If they feel it's a out right lie,

    they shouldn't worry about it.. Stay calm my friend..

  • JWdaughter
    I'm sorry for what you and daughter are going through. I've played nice for too many years and have become so walked over that I should tattoo welcome on my forehead. I'm done. Don't let her continue to abuse you and daughter over this. I encourage going forward to end things. Not sure of your congregational status, but clarifying your ideas with elders might put a fire under wife to initiate a divorce. She seems rather unhinged. Let her believe it's all her idea unless you are trying to hold it together until daughter reaches majority.
  • LisaRose

    Your wife must be worried that you are right about the organization, otherwise she wouldn't be getting so upset.Remind her that she is not showing the fruitage of the spirit as spoken of in Galations. Where is her love, joy, peace, kindness goodness faith, kindness or self control.?

  • freddo

    I don't know ... is six months - of real unpleasantness I grant you - enough time to let your marriage fail without a fight?

    Your wife is scared witless and acting like a mind controlled drone - which she is. No backbone to stoically continue in her faith and act maturely.

    At 15 your daughter may well jump into this religion with her because she needs her mother's support. If you can bear it play a longer game.

    If not well fair enough. I don't know enough to advise you really.

  • Truthexplorer
    Hi driving force, thanks for your reply and sorry to hear how things are with your wife. It is sad that people blindly follow regardless. It's so hard to break through. I have been using a softly softly approach to exposing this high control religion when speaking to my wife. I personally cant see her ever looking into the TTATT, but hope more big events like the ARC hearing will come along and help open peoples eyes. NOTE: I am not sure what happened to the beginning of my last reply, but I had meant to say that my wife initially gave out to me when I mentioned I had been watching the ARC hearing. She said I have j7st been to the convention where mark Sanderson said we should avoid listening to negative views of the organisation. I explained that I happened to see that a hearing was being held on the news!! and that I simply followed the 'public hearing' on you tube out of curiosity. She then gave me a look of disapproval and walked out of the room. ...That was on Monday. This was the reason why (as per my previous reply) that I was very surprised she engaged in a discussion with me this morning about Jackson's hearing. ..I wish you and your wife a measure of peace amongst all the turmoil you are both experiencing right now. TE
  • Driving Force
    Driving Force


    I am really pleased to hear that your wife is reasonable and got to know TTATT. As for my wife, even if she does turn around and realize the insidiousness of this cult, the damage has been done.

    But I shall do every reasonable thing to keep my daughter out of this sect.

    She believes everything the bOrg says in its magazines and books, and will not make any effort to check any of these things.

    All the best to you PM2 and I hope you fully free yourself and your family from this cult.

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