If you could ask Geoffrey Jackson one question that he had to answer what would it be?

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  • punkofnice
    jw0725 minutes agoDoes the need for 'New Light' come about as a result of you misunderstanding "communication from Jehovah" and adjusting, or is it a result of Jehovah not communicating clearly enough?
    Do you think he should switch to Verizon?

    My thoughts - Jehovah(TM) doesn't communicate with those paedopile protecting men at all!

  • Pete Zahut
    Pete Zahut
    Do you believe God is directing the Governing Body of Jehovah's Witnesses and if so, was it his direction that led your organization to make and uphold policies that made it possible for known pedophiles to repeat their crimes against children unpunished, unless 2 or more people saw them do it?
  • Mephis
    Do you accept any responsibility or accountability in secular law for being part of a group which issues interpretations of the bible which result in dangerous criminals remaining free to re-offend?
  • RubaDub

    Who is the King of the North/South?

    Rub a Dub

  • James Mixon
    James Mixon

    How do you sleep at night, how do you feel when you speak the RF believe

    it is the word of GOD, where you ridiculed as a child, do you know the meaning

    of humility, do you give a damn for the RF and have you ever had a brain scan???

    I know you requested for one question, but I got carried away.

  • Vidiot

    "Are there sex offenders - accused or otherwise - who currently have positions of authority or leadership in the Watchtower Society, and if so, how many, and how high a position do they fill?"

    EDIT: "And please speak clearly into the microphone, sir."

  • newsheep

    And since my brother, Timothy had to die a needless death at the tender age of ten due to your no blood policy and years later my mother committed suicide because she couldn't live with what you assholes put her and my family through, If your going to follow the old testament and it's laws then, I want you also to follow eye for an eye law. My mother and my brother gave up their lives so I feel you the governing body should give up your lives. Practise what you preach!

    And what my father did to me and my two other sisters and we were silenced. Have you any idea what that does to a child? Let alone a handicapped child? Your parents are suppose to be the ones you run to to be safe and as a child realising they are the ones you have to run from because a group of wankers molded them to be that way through their sick sick teachings. I sure do hope you get what's coming to you along with the rest of your followers who are aware of your disgusting acts.

    How would my parents feel knowing that you changed your blood policy to it's ok to have the blood fractions. Who in the hell made you god? Someone needs to be accountable for all these unnecessary deaths. And I'm not talking jail time but the death penalty! Creeps!

  • Magwitch
    Why did Mr. Loesch feel it was justified to not appear in a court of law when his great depth of knowledge and understanding were very much needed?
  • Anon2

    Since the Watchtower bought a luxury property as a translation office on the Gold Coast of Australia, have you any knowledge of what is said to be child sex ring that operates from the Gold Coast that includes some prominent clergymen? It's a two part question.

    How do you sleep at night knowing the lives you've destroyed and the people who have died as a result of your decisions?

  • Vidiot

    I obviously can't speak for the GB, but...

    ...if I were Geoff Jackson (and, presumably, knew the TTATT, which we all suspect), and had been following the RC, and had been seeing the Commission systematically line up all their ducks, exposing the problem, and utterly discrediting virtually every WT abuse-related policy and WT-affiliated man or woman who was questioned, and was now faced with having to run that gauntlet myself... as a Watchtower leader...

    ...I'd be contemplating eating a bullet between now and Friday.

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