If you could ask Geoffrey Jackson one question that he had to answer what would it be?

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    Don't forget the latest clip of the GB (Tomo???) saying that worldly opposers are lying about JWs dying from refusing medical care.


  • Diogenesister
    Is'nt that wife of yours a bit young for you?
  • OrphanCrow

    I would like Jackson to explain to the RC exactly what "pornea" actually is. I am not clear on that.

    I would also like Jackson to explain why having sex with "someone other than your wife" is considered "adultery" but having sex with a child is not considered "someone other than your wife". Why are child abusers not disfellowshipped for adultery?

  • SecretSlaveClass

    Like other posters before me I would want to know in concise terminology exactly how God communicates with them. I believe this issue is at the core of the cult, it's how they claim all their guidance from policy to belief is made manifest.

    I believe this is an opportunity to either showcase him as a deliberate deciever or someone who absolutely believes his own lies. Either way there will be those who will regard it as nonsense and those who will still believe him and for the former that's still a win in my book.

  • Heaven
    What is the definition of soon?
  • Heaven

    DD said: Splash,

    Don't forget the latest clip of the GB (Tomo???) saying that worldly opposers are lying about JWs dying from refusing medical care.

    The lying sacks of shit are the Borg.

    My cousin was in a very bad car accident and required a blood transfusion. She refused the transfusion and died. She was a JW and left behind a husband and 3 children.

  • prologos


    having sex with a child is not considered "someone other than your wife". Why are child abusers not disfellowshipped for adultery?

    Permit me playing Jackson. on that question: -- Not all child rapists are married, and neither are all underage victims.

    The phrase " not his wife" [or husband] is used in law to exempt from prosecution sex acts by those that availed themselves of the 12 year low marriage age limit.

    So: good question, Why are certain acts ok in marriage or between same age partners, but not otherwise? Why are you discriminating?

  • mgmelkat
    Do you understand how much unspeakable hurt and pain that unjust judicial procedures have brought upon thousands of victims? Do you realise how much you, as a part of the governing body for God's people, have oppressed and weighed down His people?
  • newsheep

    Why did the governing body go against the scriptures? For example, you need two witnesses to a crime. Your told to keep quiet and not report it for it will bring reproach on Jehovah. To leave it in his hands and to have FAITH in knowing that he will take care of it. By reporting it, it shows I lack faith. My question is: Where is their faith when it comes to the bible? In John 8:17,18 Jesus is asked who is his two witnesses and he says me and my father. Him being the victim and Jehovah being his father, why didn't the governing body go with even that scripture showing that the child who was badly beaten, threatened and raped was the first witness and Jehovah being the second witness? Those two witnesses would have been enough according to the scriptures for the elders to act and protect yet now who lacks faith in god and his word, the bible. For sure it was all about not bringing reproach on the Org's name and not gods. Why do you think they have to keep changing their name in certain countries?

    Second question is why did the gb go against the scriptures in 1 Corinthians 4:3-5? Paul saying how he doesn't even judge himself and how there should not even be a tribunal (3 man judging committee). And to judge nothing until Christ himself comes. That HE will do the judging! So why be judged by three imperfect sinners and why shun even when your not disfellowshipped or disassociated?

    In my case the elders couldn't do anything to me for I threatened to go public with my tape recording of my six hour judicial committee. Yet, they went behind my back and told everyone in the congregation not to talk to me. They have no right to disfellowship, disassociate or hold your families/friends hostage.

    What gives them the right to stalk us all summer and then sit outside someone's gates for over four hours until they "catch" us home? Reading the stories from jw's and exjw's, we see we are not the only ones that this has happened to. It looks like all elders are trained this way, to break the laws where and whenever it suits them.

    Why even bethel doesn't get involved. Even when we marched right in and sat down with the service department at headquarters with our manuscript of our taped judicial meeting. At first they wouldn't get involved and then they sent us a letter accusing us of our taped meeting manuscript being alleged. They didn't even have our taped recording. They called it alleged because there were only three scriptures used in all our six hours of a meeting. If any courts want our tape we will be glad to hand it over. In it the one accuser is asking the elders what it is they want her to say to me and I have a fill in circuit overseer admitting that he had lied.

    The reason why I am writing this is because a copy of this will be going to all three of my jc committee elders letting them know they will be next if ever the courts want to know how a judicial meetings are handled. Heck, right off the bat when I sat down the one dope elder asked me if I knew why a "disfellowshipping meeting" was set up. What does that tell you?

    (Simon, for some reason I can't sign out of my husband's name. It's me Label Licker.Every time I try it brings me back to his name.)

  • Splash

    Please explain these two comments from the Guidelines for Branch Office Service Desks

    18. Factors to consider: At times, the conduct of an individual may not be classified as child abuse from the perspective of the congregation, but from a legal standpoint he may be viewed as guilty of such.

    19. ... if the one who views child pornography does not involve anyone else in his actions, this is not considered to be child abuse from a congregational standpoint.

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