If you could ask Geoffrey Jackson one question that he had to answer what would it be?

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  • antes8080

    Can you explain REV 20:5?

    Do you or don't you believe in the rapture?

    wouldnt Fredie Franz warned you about child abusers in the cong if he is heaven already?

  • James Mixon
    James Mixon

    Matt.24:23-27 What group are we talking about here (False prophets), since you

    are well known for your fail prophecies who else today are predicting the world end, soon?

  • Calebs Airplane
    Calebs Airplane
    Regarding the ex-child molesters who currently hold privileges in the congregation, are you certain that they no longer have any desire to molest children?
    Those governing any organisation are responsible for the policies. If there are a significant number of failures in an organisation as a result of the policies then those governing are responsible. When will those governing the JW's admit they are responsible, say sorry, pay damages for the damage they have been responsible for and step down. When?
  • Tornintwo

    splash - quotes from guidelines to service desks: 18. Factors to consider: At times, the conduct of an individual may not be classified as child abuse from the perspective of the congregation, but from a legal standpoint he may be viewed as guilty of such.

    19....if the one who views child pornography does not involve anyone else in his actions, this is not considered to be child abuse from a congregational standpoint

    WHAT?!?!!?! (Can't get out of the quote box) , thank you Splash for bringing this to our attention. Just shocking! What about the abused child at the other end of the pornographic material? The viewer is contributing and actively encouraging that abuse, do they not realise how many child murderers and abusers started out with child porn (eg. little April Jones killed by Mark Bridger). Just disgusting.

  • Tornintwo

    I'd like him to be questioned about shunning of df'd and da'd child abuse victims:

    so a child is abused within the jw organization, his/her case is mishandled by the organization, he/she understandably leaves this religion - and then the religion tells all of her friends and family to shun him/her? How is that a reflection of christ's love and compassion? Doesn't that just compound the abuse and mistreatment?

  • Tornintwo

    I'm wound up now, In their instructions to the branch, why do they look for excuses to allow appointments of men who have been child abusers in the past, allowing them to retain privileges, or be appointed if the offense was a long time ago and they are 'perceived' (by the untrained, unprofessional elders) to be in good standing. Does any congregation member want a former child abuser as an elder in their hall? However long it was ago.

    You do something like that, you should never hold a privilege, small price to pay.

  • Splash
    Tornintwo I'm wound up now

    Yes, outrage is an appropriate reaction

    *** w10 9/1 p. 11 Guard Against Being Deceived ***
    Satan began deceiving mankind at the very start of human history. . . What a delusion to believe that the right to choose between good and bad means the right to determine what is good and what is bad! Unfortunately, we imperfect humans easily fall into that trap.


  • fukitol
    A sphincter says what?

    Angus: Are you prevented from using the workout facilities at HQ, or do you simply choose to put forth zero effort in maintaining your physique? What is Jehovah's view of obesity?


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