"And what happened next was simply unbelievable!"

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  • Finkelstein

    When you know that there is something rotten inside of it , it isn't that hard to peal off its outer layers to expose that wrought.

    This religious publishing institution has always had something rotten at its core, from its ignorantly concocted doctrines to the regimental enforcement in supporting those doctrines.

    Jws see a bright and shiny apple of this organization by virtue of its own in-depth mental indoctrination and look upon other religious organizations as nothing but wrought to be duly destroyed because their falsehood and corruption.

    But now the WTS/ JWS itself is being openly exposed toward its own wrought and corruption.

    Thats a good thing if not for humanity at least perhaps for the children of the JWS.

  • Blackfalcon98

    VERY VERY WELL PLAYED. Keep it up Terry!


  • datto

    you're a [email protected]! those traps you set, BAM! I wonder how they will label you. Son of Satan perhaps lol.

    I understand the odd feeling you experienced after the incident. It happens to me as well. I like to get around them acting as if I'm a noob before I attack. However I didn't play it as good as you did. I initially thought it was a guilty feeling and I care for them as an individual. But remember, they are deeply marinated jdubs. Sometimes we simply have the need to knock'em hard.

    Just got a text message from an elder wanted to meet me. I bet that's gonna count as 'services', 'bible studies', 'revisit' or whatever sh*t.

  • rip van winkle
    rip van winkle
    It's not easy being Satan's spawn... but it is FUN😉☑🍸
  • azor

    Terry how old are they?

  • passwordprotected
    Terry wins the internet.
  • possum
    Thank you its dirty work but someone got to do it......
  • punkofnice
    "We run into ex-members now and then. They bring up stuff like this just to try and stumble us in our faith in Jehovah."

    Terry, this is priceless! I think I would have died laughing.

  • Zoos

    This is a great story Terry. Thanks for sharing it.

    I copy/pasted your OP and sent it to a couple of friends (ex-jdubs) and I know they will enjoy it.

    Some day I'd like to buy you a coffee and just listen to you. We can sit just outside Starbucks in a vestibule area with a table in the air-conditioned space.

  • carla
    Well done as always!

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