"And what happened next was simply unbelievable!"

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  • Suraj Khan
  • Sweetp0985
    This made my morning!!
  • @ROOT
    Quality, Terry!
  • Terry

    I have been watching daily to catch these guys when they return. So far, I've not seen either of them or the Mormons.

    Of course, I am not sure how to continue the conversation. I should have something prepared, but I do find it more freeing if I just go with the flow of conversation, alert to opportunity.

    I'm quite curious if these guys ever mentioned it again to each other or somebody else. I'm curious if they did any research. Sadly, I imagine they simply let it go and never thought about it again!

  • GrreatTeacher

    Learning TTATT is often cumulative. You may have just been experience #1.

    Or, you may have been experience #10 and actually pushed one of them over the edge!

    You might never know, and your Starbucks might now be on their do not call list, but that doesn't necessarily mean your efforts were in vain.

    Great story and great storytelling!

  • Terry

    Much thanks

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