"And what happened next was simply unbelievable!"

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  • panhandlegirl

    Good Job! They're big boys, they should be able to handle bad news.

  • Terry

    I've kept my eyes open today; sort of like a duck hunter :)
    I fantasize too.
    I can see in my mind's eye one of the Dubs coming back to talk with me.
    But--no. Hasn't happened. At least, not yet.

    By the same token, I haven't seen our Mormon boys either. I think the hot weather (106F) in Texas is too punishing for guys on bicycles. I should know--I am a guy on a bicycle!

    I've got my antennae up listening, straining to listen, eavesdropping on everybody's casual conversations . . .

    I'm now some kind of voyeur!

  • The Marvster
    The Marvster

    Terry, you are the 'devil's child' you 'badass Mo Fo' from Hell...... THAT WAS BRILLIANT... I sat here 'wishing' I could even begin to imagine how to broach a subject like that in such an impromptu manner with gung ho witnesses... wow, you were thinking on your feet, AMAZING..

    Here's what I think, as JW's we were all taught to be a little bit arrogant, i.e. we were so prepped that we almost ALWAYS had the upper hand when preaching to the others, we were spoon fed all the clever answers, and didn't have to invest much time thinking about how to talk to people because we had all the weaponry provided practically word for word in the publications; we were just lucky enough to supposedly know more than the average Joe, and often we would have an answer for 'every' objection, that's what the reasoning book and monthly KM's were there for, all of it filtered down from very experienced field service veterans and the results research on millions of hours of field service conversations, all compiled into the ultimate objection destroyer. Maybe once in a while we had the daunting misfortune of coming across somebody who could actually 'think' and stop us in our tracks, but that may have seldom been the case... so, we thought we can handle anybody, we were indestructible blah blah blah... and this is exactly where those two witnesses might have been coming from... learned arrogance or unchallenged self assurance... it's not their fault, they're just a product of the watchtower method.. and then they meet Terry, and then 'KABOOM'

    Maybe for the first time EVER, they were made to think for themselves, and they didn't like it; massive cognitive dissonance going on there.. you are totally within your rights to feel bad Terry, after all they are your feelings, but I'll tell you one thing; with all the anger I've been experiencing lately, realising how much of my life that org stole after I bought into their 'truth', ignorant of the mountain of hidden lies behind it all, It was a massive comfort seeing a couple of their pawns get what was coming to them, thank you for contributing to my healing... you can't always pamper people anyway, and you did it in a fairly respectful manner, Imagine how Jesus would have dealt with them (just think of his rant with the pharisees), even if they don't awaken, then they might be a bit more careful about what they say to their next preaching victim....

    Nothing but praise and admiration for your courage and ingenuity.... 'one badass devil's advocate'

  • Terry

    Marvster: Maybe once in a while we had the daunting misfortune of coming across somebody who could actually 'think' and stop us in our tracks, but that may have seldom been the case... so, we thought we can handle anybody,


    Back in the days of the dinosaurs, when I was a Pioneer, I encountered a Mormon Elder. He cleaned my clock in a religious argument. I was stunned. I really was. This was post parole from prison where I'd had an intensive indoctrination and was at my "sharpest" level or rebuttal skills.
    This Mormon Elder was better informed. Who'd have seen that coming?
    It snapped me into a meta-analytical mode of thinking.
    I began looking at how I was thinking. I quickly realized I was NOT really thinking--I was in my traces like a good plow horse.
    That scared me a little bit.
    Maybe if I'm realistic in remembering I can see a crack in the facade and a thin ray of sunlight from that incident.
    So, that's how it happens after all.

  • The Marvster
    The Marvster

    Terry: It seems like you are from a previous generation to mine and were really honed in regurgitating the watchtower doctrine and method as a Pioneer. I didn't get to those levels (see? I still call them 'levels', gosh I still believe in the hierarchy) but constantly wished I could so that I could skillfully tackle anybody, or get loads of studies by the use of my persuasion, I just was never able to reach for that somehow, though I managed to auxilary pio quite a bit, Just didn't think i had the brass balls to pioneer.

    Re: I began looking at how I was thinking. I quickly realized I was NOT really thinking..

    So true; My take on the whole thinking thing is that once I really started thinking about all I learned in the org, I realised how much of a fool I was for assuming I 'had the truth'... I handn't thought anything through and even if apparent contradictions or counter arguments came along, I was unwilling to investigate them for fear of the walls coming down so of course I would be unprepared for a 'real thinker'...

    Re: That Mormon Elder Cleaned my Clock...

    Wow, I love it, I had that done to me by a non-Christian guy on the door who 'schooled' me in bible knowledge telling me, among other numerous facts unknown to me, that there were 4 Jesus' in the bible, I was flabbergasted, and speechless, and with a disgusted look he just quietly and slowly shut his door in my face while I stood there like a deer in headlights not knowing how to respond. When I got home I checked his accuracy.... my first thought? 'shame on you Marv'... lol.. but, still, I wasn't persuaded to actually start thinking, that took a long time to happen.

  • fleshyheadedmutant

    Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. So they had to put on their big boy pants and get a verbal whoopin. They will live and hopefully be better for it.

    You are sooo right about the heat here in Texas. It is cruel and unusual punishment to expect anyone to wear a suit jacket in service. In fact, it can be life threatening just to be out in such heat.

    Yeee haw....you done good!

  • Terry

    I came out of prison thinking memorization of JW materials would make me an "expert in the Truth."

    Yes, that was my goal at the time! Today I blush.

    There is a political term called "useful idiot." That is really what I was for the Watchtower Society.


    useful idiot is a term for people perceived as propagandists for a cause whose goals they are not fully aware of, and who are used cynically by the leaders of the cause.


    For example, I had memorized Fred Franz's chronology chart (Babylon the Great Has Fallen-God's Kingdom Rules!)

    I memorized the 843 scriptures from The Truth That Leads to Eternal Life book.

    I could 'prove' (barf!) 1914 by cherry-picking scriptures and using screwy arthimetic.

    If that isn't a pure example of a "useful idiot" I don't know what is!

  • jwleaks

    And the "Angus Stewart QC" award for excellence in cross examining a Jehovah's Witness goes to

    ... TERRY.

  • Terry
    It will look handsome sitting on my dust laden bookcase alongside my scale model of a Pennyfarthing bicycle and my Roku device!
  • RedPillPopper
    Awesome encounter. Shows that Cognitive Dissonance is a REAL thing. I know my head would have been spinning too had I been them and still a "true believer".

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