"And what happened next was simply unbelievable!"

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  • sparrowdown
    Me thinks the days of JWs being able to "hide in plain sight" are just about over.
  • barry
    you're an evil man Terry
  • scary21

    Love the way you think Terry ! Reminds me of when I baited several Jw's (separately) about the pope being in Cuba with the high officials, signing bibles......NOT. It was the GB. HA ha

    Do on to others right?

    Wouldn't you want to be awakened?


  • Terry

    Okay, thanks. I mean it.

    I want to agree with you guys--it's better to slap somebody awake than to sing them deeper to sleep.
    I guess what I was feeling not so good about was--I never once felt any compassion for them. I was hellbent, so to speak. Only afterward did the old angel-on-the-shoulder speak up.
    I like the suggestion about telling the Dubs to come back on Friday and watch the RC on the computer. Pity I never thought of it!
    It's so weird. When I'm by myself, I can think of incredibly clever things--but--in the middle of a discussion like that--my brain turns to mush!

    Hindsight is 20/20 and all that.

    I feel better. I simply choose to believe (!) I did a good deed, no matter how shady my motives :)

  • Finkelstein

    I thought it was well executed Terry , a little light never hurt anyone.

    JWS are deeply brainwashed into thinking that their religious organization is so righteously above any other Christian based faith, a little awakening in opposition to that preconceived notion does good for everyone.

  • Heaven

    Wow, that was awesome! Terry, please don't feel badly. Sometimes it takes something like this to wake a person up.

    These 2 received some new light today courtesy of their organization but handed to them by you. I think they grew up a little today. Well done.

  • Terry

    I've been sitting here thinking . . .

    Maybe a better way would have been to be more direct, forthright and honest.

    1. "Hey you two guys are JW's aren't you? I overheard you talking to Mormons last week.

    2. "You mind if I ask you a couple of questions?"

    3. Introduce the purpose and scope of the Royal Commission and ask the question,
    "Do you know enough about this to comment?"

    4. Fill in details of the findings so far.

    5. Top off with mention of the GB testimony slated for Friday.

    All the sneaky stuff and cat-and-mouse would have been eliminated. I wouldn't have had to lie about myself. It would treat them with more respect, too.

  • Israel Ricky Gonzales
    Israel Ricky Gonzales

    Why could you wait until Sunday for this to happen??!!

    Epic Terry! Epic!

    Dont feel bad. Anything contrary to their belief system will be traumatic. I think they may just be tuning in for the royal commission for the rest of the hearing.

  • zebulon

    Hey Terry,

    I have read practically all of your stuff on here, and I must say - you are a good man! That being said, you say you felt bad about how it all went down, well - there is only one way to tell someone you really care about, that the person that they love and respect is dead. You tell them "blank is DEAD!"

    Do not feel bad for what you did, they needed to hear it from someone that cares!


  • zebulon

    If you didnt care, you would have ignored them.


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