My thoughts on Geoffrey Jackson

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  • umbertoecho

    It seems from a poster here, that Jackson has declined to front the Royal Commission.

    The site is wiki jw i think. I went there and it is a news outlet of JWs and membership is required. I didn't want to join, but I did see that he has declined to front up.

  • Sabin
    Maybe he will be the next Ray Franz, his conscience may be the other end of the scale. He may have stood up to the other members & said Hey Chaps I don't think Jesus would approve of all this covering up of child abuse, I think he`s going to kick our arses if we don't do something about it and come clean. Yes we may have to start again but at least we will have honesty before Jehovah. MAYBE
  • umbertoecho

    It seems from what I have read on a jw news site very pro jw.

    Jackson has declined to appear before the RC

  • flipper

    My take on this is that there's no way in hell Jackson was ever going to appear before the Australia commission. I mean think of the Pandora's Box THAT would open.

    GB member Gerrit Losch already refused to appear to the American court in San Diego, California when he was ordered to appear and the WT Society was instructed to supply documents concerning their child abuse policies - which they refused to do. Even still refusing though it cost them 13.5 million in lawsuit payouts due to standing in contempt of court ! Just think of the OTHER child abuse crap they are hiding in Australia .

    WT leaders feel they are ABOVE the laws of the land because they feel they ARE the ultimate and final law of the land based on thinking they are " God " or " Jesus " themselves or at least at their right hand. Too much arrogance - they need to be brought down to put some real into their reality

  • smiddy

    Jackson initially refused to appear before the commission on compassionate grounds , because of his fathers illness , however the last day of the hearing 05/08/15 when the R.C. learned of the deception given by W,T, council that his input would be of no value ,they then requested that he does appear at the hearing .

    And they were not impressed by the deception , Angus suggesting that o`Brian deliberately tried to deceive the R.C.

    Has Jackson refused /declined to appear a second time ?


  • OnTheWayOut

    So I just watched the excerpts about G. Jackson, this one starting at 46:00

    They read a letter on how G. Jackson wouldn't be of much help as he is not part of setting policies. Such bullcrap. And as the questions for the Branch representative go on, the RC determines that it's bullcrap. Good for them.

    I do believe that Watchtower is going to find themselves being ruled against in severe manners for their arrogance to misrepresent their roles to judges.

    Jump to the last few 3 or 4 minutes of the video to see that the RC is pissed at Jackson and his answers.

  • daringhart13

    He isn't going to appear.

    He is a pussy.

    Odd isn't it? Someone that claims to be "God's representative on earth" is passing up an opportunity to clear the reproach on Jehovah's name...

    ...not very Christlike of him, is it?

  • LoveUniHateExams

    Great post, Flipper, I agree.

    Loesch's refusal to attend court for the same matter (child abuse) shows how GB members will respond each and every time.

    Nevertheless, can the RC force Jackson to attend?

  • Dismissing servant
    Dismissing servant

    Brother Jackson seems to like dancing........maybe he will take the stand att the RC if he can dance a little dance with "Blondie" after the hearing!?

  • Vidiot

    LoveUniHateExams - "...can the RC force Jackson to attend?"

    Well, if he tries to skip the country, they definately have all the authority (and pretext) they need to toss his fat ass in a cell, fine him, and then haul him in front of the Commission whether he wants to or not.

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