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  • thedepressedsoul

    First off, I don't think that dude is going to show face. He's most likely on a plane already. If he shows it's bad PR and if he doesn't show it's bad PR. They'll choose whichever give the least amount of bad press.

    I do however, find it odd that he just so happens to show up in Australia for his sick father right when this starts to happen. My guess, he is coaching everything behind the scenes and the FDS wanted a GB member there to make sure everything was being handled as best as possible and to report back to the others right away. The father is a great reason to try and get out of appearing, just like their lawyer attempted to do. He's most likely be behind the scenes attempting to help since the beginning.

    Let's pretend he does show though, how do you think he'll handle it? Will he try and speak with authority like they do in their talks. Talking down to people and slapping them over the head with the bible? Or will he be very sheepish and be at a loss for words? My guess is he's going to try to come of with authority in the beginning, using the bible to make an answer whenever possible. Towards the end though, they will corner him and their true colors will come out, he will be at a loss for words. They've never been on the receiving end of a "judicial committee".

    I don't think he's going to show though, I'd be very surprised if he does. If he doesn't show, it will give the impression to the commissioner that they don't take this seriously and that they are trying to wiggle out of this whole thing without caring about the kids. Either way, I don't see this ending nicely.

    I'd love to hear your thoughts!

  • breakfast of champions
    breakfast of champions

    After watching the final hour this morning, I think Jackson's avoiding the commission would be far more damaging than his appearance, no matter how he handles it and no matter how the society spins it.

    The RC knows for a certainty now that something is rotten in JW land, and they haven't invested these kinds of resources only to throw their hands up and walk away.

  • Wasanelder Once
    Wasanelder Once
    I agree he will bolt, jet away, run tail between his legs and his father will miraculously be better so he can leave or he will have pressing business at home to attend to. He knows his answers will come across as batshit crazy if he has to answer whether he is a spokesman for Jehovah and an anointed brother of Jesus. Its not like Ireland where there was no video of testimony of a GB member. It's all streaming live baby! Fools on parade to be sure.
  • punkofnice
    Let's pretend he does show though, how do you think he'll handle it?

    Very badly. He'd show how incompetent the governing body really are. I doubt he'll show.

    Will he try and speak with authority like they do in their talks. Talking down to people and slapping them over the head with the bible?

    Quite possibly but I think he'd be the one slapped down. Not that the JWs would see it like that...he'd still come out smelling of roses.

    Or will he be very sheepish and be at a loss for words?

    He is a GB member...they are full of their own importance...not interested in victims....only interested in their own gluttonous backsides.

  • Mephis

    I don't think he gets the option to run away? Wouldn't he be an Aussie citizen with an arrest warrant in the States for refusing to testify in court? Not sure that works out well for him, let alone the GB?

    Never heard Jackson speak publicly, let alone met him so no idea how it'll go. I'd imagine he'll just read scriptures and miss the point at every opportunity whilst disowning any responsibility for anything other than interpreting the bible for fellow workers who then apply it in their own lives. There's a moral cowardice at the heart of the WBTS.

  • DesirousOfChange

    I think their legal team is trying to determine which way to go. Does he voluntarily submit to be deposed or try to avoid it? Which will result in the need for less damage control? At this point, I think it a PR fiasco if he does not agree to attend. This could result in ramifications that could take years to legally challenge if penalties or sanctions can be imposed against WTSofA. It seems evident to me that the members of the ARC have done their homework and they are not going to be fooled with smoke & mirrors (or BS as the GB always does to their R&F). These gents already "have a mission". They are prepared. On the other hand, everyone questioned from the Congs or from the Branch has been sent in like a sheep to slaughter. And slaughtered they were.

    Come on, Geoffy Boy, make your grand entrance and mesmerize us like you do on the big JW/TV screen.


  • thedepressedsoul

    I think we can all agree that this has been way bigger than we could have ever imagined. I never dreamed it'd get this big and dirty when I heard they were starting to look into it.

    They may need to update their Reasoning on the Scriptures conversation stoppers. "Don't you guys support pedophiles?"

    I can see the answer now, "What really is the definition of a pedophile?" Quote some crazy definition that no one has ever heard of. "Now you see, we really don't support pedophiles".

  • sir82

    Isn't Wednesday the day the whole GB meets together?

    Wouldn't you love to be a fly on the wall in that conference room? This (should Jackson appear or not) must be the primary topic on the agenda today.

  • Virran
    At least he knows how to dance with young girls;
  • Londo111
    IF the GB are mere figureheads as some have said, then perhaps indeed Jackson does not really know anything.

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