My thoughts on Geoffrey Jackson

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  • JW GoneBad
    JW GoneBad
    My thoughts on WT's GB Geoffrey Jackson....he's a coward....he's a weakling...and he's a chicken-shit!
  • JHK

    Geoffrey Jackson that day suffered an acute attack of cowardice. More details...

    A member of the Jehovah's Witness governing body in New York, who is in Australia, declined to be a witness at the royal commission into child sexual abuse.

    On Tuesday the commission was told by lawyers for the church that Geoffrey Jackson who is in Australia for "private, compassionate matters" would not be able to give relevant evidence.


  • Retrovirus
    At the end of Geoffrey Jackson's testimony, the judge said he was 'released from his subpoena' so he had been served with one. Strange, when he'd ealier said how happy he was to 'assist' . . .
  • Vidiot

    Retrovirus - "At the end of Geoffrey Jackson's testimony, the judge said he was 'released from his subpoena', so he had been served with one."

    Nice parting shot, IMO. :smirk:

  • Vidiot

    Does this...

    ...remind anyone else of this...?

  • steve2

    The phrase 'released from his subpoena' simply means he does not have to re-appear before the Commission when it reconvenes meeting with the other subpoenaed parties in roughly two years time. Remember, Jackon's appearance was fortuitous - living outside his home country, but visiting home, he could not have been subpoenaed from his base in the US.

    Thr judge did not release any other party from their subpoenaes because they live in Australia and will almost to a last one be recalled when the Commission reconvenes.

  • AudeSapere

    I've lost track of which thread the ill-health of Geoffrey Jackson's father was mentioned and discussed. But it's been weighing on my mind many times a day for the past several weeks - Since I first heard he was in Australia and may be called to testify.

    I, too, have an aged, ailing father. And as someone who supports herself thru gainful employment, I find even *thinking* of using an ailing father to get out of having to answer for policies which *I* may have assisted in establishing and that I currently support ... Well, the thought is beyond comprehension.

    I am certain that GJ has many friends he can call on to assist his dad during absence. GJ has a lifelong 'career' and is a chief official of the JW/WT org. His father, according to their doctrine, will be resurrected soon. Very soon.

    GJ has an obligation to deliver testimony. I am very glad that he fulfilled this obligation, even with the generous accommodation that was afforded him to present his testimony via video conference and with attendants to fetch water and turn pages for him. I was less impressed with his preparation for the RC and the actual content of his testimony, but at least he testified.

    I just have a 'job' - and an fairly lowly one at that. I am grossly under-employed, in part, due to needing/wanting to be available to help my ailing father. How DARE this man, supported most of his adult life by the rank & file JWs (me included during my tenure with the organization), try to weasel out of explaining his practices to a Royal Commission.

    How DARE he even thought to do so.

  • umbertoecho

    Do you really think he can't be recalled? He can be, he will be. He is an Australian citizen and if they find holes in his testimony they will expect an answer from him. There are extradition treatise between Australia and America.

    I don't know presume to know what will happen in the end, but the GB will be established as the "spokespersons" for the WTBTS. This is the main authority that controls all the lives of the rank and file members. This leads to further questions that will arise within the RC. Still, I confess that I don't know where it will end.

    I do know this. Justice McClellan asked him GF, if he would consider a joint effort at redress for victims of abuse. Jackson said "yes". If they refuse to do so, there will be questions as to "why" they don't actually go ahead and join in with others who are willing. This will be damning for the society. It will show a lack of co-operation on the part of the WT. This could lead to further investigating into the financial workings of the society.....In a strange way, I hope they the GB, will view Australia as small fry and not important. This could be the best outcome. Underestimating the legal powers of another country is a dangerous route....WTs underestimation could fly straight back in their collective faces.....

  • steve2

    I suppose anything's possible, umbertoecho. Keep in mind though , GJ was not on the initial list of subpoenaed individuals but when the judge learned GJ was in Australia on a visit that changed everything. It is extremely unlikely GJ - who is now a US citizen, but holds dual citizenship as an Australian - would have been subpoenaed to appear had he not been in Australia at the time. Otherwise, whether or not in Australia, he would have already been subpoenaed.

    You can bet your bottom dollar, GJ will not be anywhere close to the Aussie soil when the RC reconvenes. There must be more than a few prayers bidding GJ's daddy a swift parting from this world and no lingering until the RC reconvenes which would increase the likelihood GJ would need to come back to tend to father's needs and the RC nab him a second time.

    Being specifically infomed he has been released from his subpoena meand he is free to leave the country and has no legal rewuirement or sanction to return - that is literally what it means to be so released.

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