The Australian Royal Commission will NOT do a damn thing to the WT!

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  • username

    I believe my comment was a general comment. not one to be taken personally

  • Vidiot

    username - "Why suppress ones view because yours might not line up with theirs?"

    We're not suppressing his views.

    We're disagreeing with them, and having fun doing it.

    Not quite the same.

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    Having fun doing it. Translated ridiculing. When did we enter the KH again?

    A conspiracy is simply a concerted effort of a group to cover over something. Big Tobacco CONSPIRED to present cigarettes as safe.

    Conspiracies do take place, but we usually don't recognize them until they are exposed. The whistle-blowers are usually attacked and finally vindicated.

    Some conspiracies have evidence to support the theory. Others must be viewed as conjecture until proven otherwise.


  • steve2

    In response to the OP, Phizzy has said it the best a few posts back. In fact, he said it so well, I wish I had said it. Thanks Phizzy!

    The WT/JW religion is in a very awkward position, entirely of their own making of course. They have been told over the last two decades that they need to sort out their Abuse problem, and to drop the "Two Witness" nonsense, but they have done nothing.

    The problem for them now is that they are in a damned if they do, and damned if they don't situation.

    I think change will come, but they will do their best to spin it (lies), and the R&F will drink it down, like all the previous liquid shit they have drunk.

    No great exodus of JW's will be caused by all of this, but the important thing is that the vulnerable get the protection that they are due.

  • sparrowdown

    The small spotlight on JWs this commission is shedding will move on just like all news does.

    There is already a firm foundation in place built by the hardwork of all the great apostates over the last 40 yrs.

    The likes of Ray Franz, Barbara Anderson, John Cedars, Paul Grundy and our own dear Simon and Angharad,

    this momentum will continue to build slowly, but continue it will.

    No fat lady singing yet.

  • _Morpheus

    "In my email to Angus Stewart, I eluded to this fact. Unless there are laws enacted, they aren't going to change, especially having women conducting leadership roles or JCs."""

    😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 i want some of what you are on. Child abuse policy can change. Those items cannot

  • rebel8
    What is the authority of the Royal Commission? I went to their website and they tout themselves as a nonprofit organization, not a legal authority.
  • steve2

    The guaranteed single best way to get the light to become brighter in the JW organization? Wrong, it does not involve the holy spirit.

    It involves a hefty legal penalty ($$$$$$$$$) if the "enlightened" change does not occur.

    Then sit back and listen as the GB spins a heart-warming explanation about the "old understanding" changing and it "evidently" being in harmony with Jehovah's righteous and loving provisions through the faithful and discreet slave that "allows Jehovah's people to humbly allow their understanding to be adjusted".

    However the change occurs, and whatever the spin the JW organization puts on it, any changes in policy and procedure involving child sexual abuse are welcome!

  • SoJo16
    It creates a permanent record, which is reason enough. It will also make finding of fact based on the evidence, as well as recommendations for improvement. While the recommendations will likely not be mandatory, they will set a standard of best practices.

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