The Australian Royal Commission will NOT do a damn thing to the WT!

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  • punkofnice

    DJS - Conspiricy theories aren't for me. I must admit though the JWs always banging on about a 'New World Order' is quite amusing. It's better than bloody soap operas. I had a JW asking me what I thought about chemtrails....I told her I don't think about them. She was convinced it was all part of Satan's plan. I told her I don't believe in an Illuminati either.....probably just a mafia in the media is all. I try to be open minded however.


    We live and die....beyond that nothing matters.

    Our lives are selfish and we think we more of ourselves than we are worth, if we're not careful....or vicky verky. We will die, maybe horribly, maybe without noticing. All memory of us will be gone. In a hundred years from now no one will give a crap about who we were.

    God, I'm depressed!!

    I just wish the WBT$ would clean up their act.

  • millie210

    Theyve already done something.

    Awareness is something.

    Starting a world wide internet conversation is something.

    Standing up for what is right and leaving a paper trail for other to build upon is something.

    That is all.

  • StarTrekAngel

    Agreed 100% with millie210. We all wish that this would bring down the WT but you know that no revolution ever started and ended (successfully) in one day. This is one of many battles to come and one of many more that have been in the past. The big difference on this one is the size and sheer coverage that it will get. Let's not forget that google will cache everything for posterity. No more of these forgotten issues of the past. This will not be forgotten so easily.

    If it helps some of us erode the WT credibility and prevent anyone from going into the cult, then we already won. Same goes for those of us trying to get family out. It just builds up on them.

  • SecretSlaveClass
    As I mentioned in another thread: I foresee "new light" in the future in the form of policy change. I'm sure as I write this there is some degree of dialogue concerning reform regarding sex abuse and a woman's role in the congregations or at least the JC to some extent.
  • done4good

    Oh, here we go....

    Amelia Earhart is alive and well...

    Jim Morrison is starting a new band called the Lizard Kings...

    We didn't land on the moon...

    Oh, and wait for it....Obama was born where???

    Where is Kenya on the map anyway?


  • Giordano

    This is going to take small bites out of the Society that will add up.

    As more and more of the public come to understand the problem of child abuse in the JW congregations and the terrible polices/beliefs that have allowed and even protected this abuse................there will be very little interest in getting involved with JW's.

    As women learn that they are relatively insignificant to the workings of the Society.......... still more resistance.

    For those within the organization who come to understand the extent of JW pedophile problem...... the disrespect for the Society will increase. They may still believe in the Witness Jehovah and many of the bible principles but once disrespect grows Witness activity and contributions will taper off.

    The Society will be left with one of three choices. Massive reforms that apply to some beliefs and to the entire social makeup of the JW's and their congregations.

    Or they can do what Scientology is doing allow their organization to shrink down to it's hardcore membership............. count it's money and for the upper echelon.......... live the good life.

    Or the WTBT$ can try to keep on keeping on. However the WT should take a good hard look at Catholic Ireland and note that the Child abuse issue has unraveled the power and prestige of the Church and weakened it to the degree that churches are closing and the Catholic political and power base has diminished to the point that Gay marriage (as a symbol of change) was approved by a big majority of the voting public.

  • Illuminated

    Guys, why is it so difficult to believe in "Conspiracy theories" especially when many in the past that fell into this category, have proven themselves to be currently accurate.

    I understand many of us appreciate facts, yet consider our government a larger version of the WTS. It was difficult to believe "Apostates" when you all were in due to WT propaganda, yet you've awakened and now see the cult for what it is.

    There's government propaganda and mind control at a larger scale as well - use your critical thinking abilities in this area. WT, has been in fact linked to the UN, and the situation with Rand Cam! We've only scratched the surface, I wouldn't put it past WT, Mormons and Scientology to be linked to the elite somehow. I personally believe WT is and the way they get away with everything along with their eerie new world order similarities supports this in my perspective. Keep an open mind, it's possible.

  • SecretSlaveClass

    Giordano2 minutes ago:This is going to take small bites out of the Society that will add up.

  • punkofnice
    If it's death by 1000 cuts to the WBT$ then so be it......just let us know where we can cut.
  • Phizzy

    The WT/JW religion is in a very awkward position, entirely of their own making of course. They have been told over the last two decades that they need to sort out their Abuse problem, and to drop the "Two Witness" nonsense, but they have done nothing.

    The problem for them now is that they are in a damned if they do, and damned if they don't situation.

    I think change will come, but they will do their best to spin it (lies), and the R&F will drink it down, like all the previous liquid shit they have drunk.

    No great exodus of JW's will be caused by all of this, but the important thing is that the vulnerable get the protection that they are due.

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