Panties or Thongs, WHICH????????????

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  • butalbee
    Oops, my mistake. I thought this was another butalbee post

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  • Crazy151drinker

    Thongs of course!!!! Whoa....maybe im in the wrong thread

  • JT


    this is the acct of my first judical meeting i sat on that you had askd about

    enjoy and feel free to hit me at [email protected]

  • wednesday


    so nice to "see" you again.


  • KenseiShimonzu

    I'm new(er) around here,and saw this post pop up,i saw the date,and yeah i know it's old but anyway

    I'm sure it's been said before,but that line of questioning is inappropiate in itself,that wouldn't even be allowed to go on in a "worldy" court..that's what you call a perv taking advantage of a persons moment of weakness to get their jollies off.

    But wow,i didn't know that's what those guys did back there..i always wondered why the women would come out of there sobbing like they'd gotten a spanking instead of a meeting. That just makes me know even further..the people here are NOT the "Apostates"..the people down THERE are the apostates...but JT,i know exactly what you're talking about with that "brother",with the way his wife looked,and that vendetta he had against the fine sister. It goes on around here too.

    I will say though..after reading this..i know how our circuit died,after awhile it just seemed like all the chicks my age just started disappearing in droves,if they had to even put up with a little of that shit when they slipped,i can see them never coming back. What's even more odd is most of the ones doing all the Df'ing of the fine chicks,were the ones who had sons that couldn't get any "time" with the chick,or had been Df'ed,or had daughters that had been Df'ed.

    I don't worry about JC's,even IF they caught me doing something...they don't have the balls to call me back there,they KNOW better..I'm naturally a LOT of those things from 2 Timothy 3:1-5..-KS

  • JT

    hey good to see you too

    i got an email from a sister who wanted to show her brother that other females face the same type of questions by elders too many times during judical meetings

  • JT


    you have hit the nail on the head- some elders literally power trip on this stuff

    keep in mind we are talking about a guy who may have a job that gives him little satisfactioin and so when he comes to the hall he is now king of the hill

  • The Oracle
    The Oracle

    Exactly JT,

    I see it all the time. Elders who are complete losers in real life, get off on being a "somebody" with authority in the congregation.

    It literally makes me sick.

    Thankfully I am doing my bit to bring the whole house of cards crashing to the ground.

    If you are an elder serving anywhere on this planet... beware. The Oracle is coming for YOU...

    The Oracle

  • KenseiShimonzu

    Yeah JT,I DEFINITELY know that type well,my and my friend's ourselves,had a run in with "The Law" down there,it involved a PO who was an Ex-NOPD officer,that had a son who couldn't stay in there because he "realized" that he was a homosexual,even after he married a woman,then left her,so I imagine his axe was hella dull..had to get to grinding it on us I suppose,lmao.

    Everytime I even think about going back there,i just remember what exactly went down when i was in there regularly,i remember how i felt,and i magically feel even better,and more justified by not going,lol_KS

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