Panties or Thongs, WHICH????????????

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  • chester

    Prisca says: I have been reading JT's posts for 2 years now, and I have to say he is one of the kindest, loving and funny guys I have come across on the net. Unfortunately I haven't had the opportunity to meet him in person, but I think he would be just how his posts reflect him to be.
    This is my first post to this board. I have been a lurker here since Jan.

    I would just like to say that I have personally known JT for 15 years and let me tell all that he defintely is a kind, loving and funny guy. He is also very compassionate and intelligent. He is all of that and more. What he says here is defintely the truth.

    JT was very much a "society man" and he was very hurt when he found out the "truth about the truth". I believe that he posts on this board to try to help others learn so that they won't make the mistake of wasting their lives with this religion that has hurt so many in so many ways.

    Thank you, JT.

  • JT

    Chester says:

    This is my first post to this board

    *********Welcome to the board- you will enjoy being here and thanks for the kind words

    you too are a Good Man


  • Gopher


    Thanks for bringing up an important/sensitive topic.

    I wanted to come at it from the angle of "If you don't answer the questions, you are ASSUMED guilty." That kind of assumption led to my 'dismissal' from the organization. It's not only sisters that get asked very intimate, embarassing questions. Without going into detail, let's just say when I drew the line in my meeting about distant past things I was asked about, stating without emotion "yes, this did happen but no that didn't", and then they kept asking the same questions 7 different ways, I knew I was toast!

    If I stayed silent or didn't answer quickly enough (due to being stunned by the nature of the questioning), their assumption was guilt.
    I reckon I didn't display enough "emotion" to be believed repentant, or to be believed at all. Instead I was called "evil" and "coward" by one of the shepherds.


  • mommy

    WELCOME! I know you will enjoy hanging out with us.
    OUCH! ((((HUGS))))

  • teejay

    'sup, JT,

    sad episode, your indoctrination as a Judicial
    Committee elder. the harm that's being
    committed is almost incomprehensible. i like
    your humble apology to the sister, though.
    the r&f could use more of those.

    i also got a chuckle out of your refusal to argue
    with Kim over your use of the "big, black sister"
    reference. i can fully relate. the "black" i have
    no problem with (i actually prefer, being chocolate
    my own damn self), but the big, fat and nasty?
    yuck! i go for the Vanessa Williams types.

    as far as the argument part, how you said that
    you've argued enough over pointless matters, well,
    i can relate with that, too, having been raised a
    witness. ever see "Taxicab Confessions" on HBO
    and see the wild ways that people live? i have
    simply learned to accept people for who they are
    without judging. i'll let others who are 'smarter' and
    'better' than me do the judging. i'm all about living
    and letting live. don't bother me,and i promise i
    won't bother you.

    anyway, good seeing you here. alway enjoy the
    views you offer from inside the 'big house' as well
    as behind the closed doors.

    p.s. seen RW lately?

    peace out.
    "start the day off with a smile
    and get it over with."
    ---- w.c. fields

  • JT

    TJ says

    as far as the argument part, how you said that
    you've argued enough over pointless matters, well,
    i can relate with that, too, having been raised a
    witness. ever see "Taxicab Confessions" on HBO
    and see the wild ways that people live?


    nice example with the HBO show i saw it too

    p.s. seen RW lately?

    i got an email from him the other day

    thanks for those emails you have sent me

    take care man


  • Tanalyst

    Some 20 yrs. ago when I was appointed a MS the elders had a talk with us, newly appointed MS in Brooklyn. One elder I remember he told us on occasion some may talk to us about sin they committed.He stressed the importance of being quiet the whole time,and just let them talk.Don't ask questions just let them talk,otherwise you may stop them from telling all that they did.I left that meeting disillusioned as to what spy agency I belonged to.Nothing about Christ's example.

    Another time,about a year after I left Bethel a bethelite showed up at my home, he had been asked to leave but he never told me.A couple weeks go by,then my PO tells me we're supposed be at this Com. meeting in Brooklyn Bethel. So we show up, Sam Friend smiles and shakes my hand, so I go around to the 2 other Bethel Elders with my hand out.THEY IGNORE ME. They Didn't even look at me,let alone shake my hand.WOW only one Christian in this group of 3 Elders. Nothing like being prejudged,I sat there thinking a Catholic Priest would be treated better.Such Wolves.The other xbethelite was df'd for good reason,however I guess they thought they had the goods on me but they didn't. I later called his old Cong. they told me he was Schizo.

  • thinkers wife
    thinkers wife

    Thank you so much for this thread. I love your honesty. And I love the way you don't hide anything for your own part.
    I have been on the recieving end of this despicable behaviour. Starting when I was seventeen and raped by one who claimed to be of the annoited.
    Giving credit where credit is due, some of the elder's handled it properly. But to some it was a sideshow and something to relish and enjoy. It sickens me, that I allowed them to back me into that corner.
    I hope that someday some of them will feel as you do and remember.

  • hippikon

    I understand the spying thing. I went into hidding a while ago and wouldnt talk to the elders. They asked all the pioneers to look out for me and tell them where I was living. I was the invisble man for a while

  • JT


    good to see another old bethelite on the net

    what yr were you there

    i was up doing the 80's

    my wife and i plan on going to see ray later this summer is all work out


    email me

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