Panties or Thongs, WHICH????????????

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  • JT

    I thought the name of this thread was so on time for this thread demostrates one of the sad things about claiming to speak for god, when one actually does not.

    when i was a newly appointed elder at the tender age of 27

    i was introduced to the world of the JUDICAL COMMITTEE.

    It was in fact my first case. i had gotten a call from the PO before the meeting stating that their would be an elders meetings to discuss some judical matters. i sat thru the meeting thinking and wondering

    what type of case would it be and would i be selected to serve on it since i was a new elder or would i be told next you can serve.

    right after the prayer we quickly entered the 2nd school. and there we sat, the po annouced that he had been approached by a single sister who stated she had sexual relationship with a man on her job and this would require the formation of a judical committe.

    i recall so well that one bro almost jumped out of his seat to volunteer stating that since she was in his bookstudy he felt that he would be in a good position to serve.

    the po stated he would be out of town so he could not do it this weekend and it needed to be handle quickly cause it was publicly known on her job

    - the guy got the sister stuff and-went bragging about bagging a JW-

    so another bro was recommended and then the po said let James serve it will be good exp. we got 2 exp elders already.

    so the time was arranged for sat at 2pm at the hall to meet with her but we would meet at 1:30pm to review the flockbook

    well i was up late friday night reviewing the flockbook on how i could be a loving shepard for this dear sister who had been swallowed up by this worldly man - a tool of satan_

    then the time came she walked into the room and i had known her for a number of years and my wife and her were good friends so the embarrassment on her face was so telling

    after a prayer the chairman explained a few ground rules no tape recorders , etc

    then she was asked to tell us what happened

    when she finished --the woman was shaking and eyes just full of water

    then the questioning began

    at first the question were basic one that i thought sounded reasonable, but in just a few min i realized why the bookstudy conductor wanted to serve on her case

    i found out later that he was interested in her yrs ago, but she wasn't

    he married and his wife was one of those big black sisters who was good in field service , but not much to really look at

    while this sister kinda put in mind of a Venessa Williams type to put in plainly she was a nice looking sister i won't lie

    but the questions took a wild left hand turn, he started and the other bro would followup it was like machine gun questions

    Who was on top
    Did he Climax
    was there oral or any anal

    and on an on it went
    and yes the famous question:

    "Were you wearing Panites or Thongs?"

    i could see that she was starting to lose it and she just brokedown into tears- so she was excused to go to the bathroom

    while she was out it was explained to me as a new elder that such questions were NEEDED to see if she was consistent in her story and the details- to see if she was truly repentant or was it a practice

    he explained to me that a "Practice" could be considered if the person had sexually intercourse more than once during the night while in the bed with the person- that it was not needed for it to be separate days, but more than once in the same night and it "could be" considered that the person had made it into a "Pratice"

    the TECHNICAL DETAILS that wt gives it's elders are unreal

    such as the difference between



    oUR WT elders school spent about 25 min in our class explaining the difference between the two and each has it's own

    i was told that the Panty-Thong question would reveal

    "INTENT" "Scheming" "planning" etc on the part of the sister

    you see as it was explained to me if she was wearing Bloomers or reg panties then if a claim was made that we got carried away in the heat of the moment then it would be possible

    but if she was wearing "Thongs" then she went to his house with the intent of Giving him Some

    now this is how i was beening groomed and instructed, being a new elder who had never served on any case i didn't know

    these guys were exp elders with yrs of judical cases under thier belt-
    beside these were all Former bethelites like myself so of course the boys from THE HOUSE knew how the judicial meeting was to be handle

    well she came back into the room and sat down and the questions started again in a few min and at this point she refused to answer anymore questions LIKE THAT and she told us she would not answer THOSE TYPES OF QUESTIONs

    "Girl Friend" picked up her bag and walked out

    in 5 min we decided that she was "UNREPENTANT" AND DFED HER

    I SWEAR TO GOD i only wish i could find her and tell her how sorry i was for allowing her to literally be ganged raped by those guys

    this system of the WT of having men called Elders with no training FREELY be able to ask any Damn quesiton they want to and the persons is obligated to answer or else be viewed as not working with Jehovah's Organization is a Damn Joke

    I often wonder whatever became of that sister- she attended only about 2or 3 meetings after the annoucement and disappared into thin air

    If you are reading this post and you know who you are

    for i'm in the Washington DC area of the country

    I beg you to please accept my apology for supporting such a cruel and evil system


  • JT

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  • teejay


    I SWEAR TO GOD i only wish i could find her and tell her how
    sorry i was for allowing her toliterally be ganged raped by those guys

    that is insane. i have a sister who was df'd in '71 (she never came back).
    i wonder if the hard-core elders on her committee asked her those kinds
    of questions and then decided that she was 'unrepentant.' oh to be free
    of Jehovah's wonderful Spiritual Paradise, presided over by such loving

    i remember an experience where a man told his wife (daughter?) that
    he'd have no problem with her being ANYTHING but a JW. at the time,
    i thought that the guy was a tool of the devil. now, i have the same


  • Had Enough
    Had Enough


    What a horrible heart-wrenching story. I know what you say is true because I too have been on the receiving end of those "necessary???"
    questions. The whole system disgusts me and the fact that those elders feel they are justified in treating an obviously repentant sister that way further disgusts me.

    I am relieved to hear the remorse you feel for what those monsters did to that sister. If you had come on this post sounding like the drivel I have read from StiLLinTruth, including his latest load of garbage, I think I may have lost it tonight. (But I won't give him the satisfaction) These past 2 days have had too much spewing of arogance and self-righteous superiority being thrown at us. I can feel the disgust in your post for what you had to sit through.

    (I just edited my post because I realize that I mis-read your post, JTm as though you still were a newly appointed elder. I have since read further. My mistake..but it's good to hear how negatively that experience affected you. I know too of those who were too interested in knowing the details of committees they didn't even sit on because they thought knowing the details "would help them to 'help' the poor sister".)

    Had Enough

    Had Enough (but it just keeps on going on)

  • JT

    TJ says :

    it is insane


    i agree with you - IT IS THE SYSTEM THAT IS IN PLACE then combine that with JACKA$$ men known as Elders and this is what you get

    you said

    i wonder if the hard-core elders on her committee asked her those kinds
    of questions and then decided that she was 'unrepentant


    well i can't say , but i will say this THEY HAVE FOR years been basically able to ask anything they want and any refusal to answer is viewed as GUILTY

    only now has wt tried to get the Boys to tone down- but this MINDSET IS SO DEEPLY INGRAINED that a few letters from the Legal Desk is not going to break what they put in motion

    just my 2


  • BadAssociate

    hi jt - moving story

    i went through a similar ordeal

    but on the recieving end

    there was this bro's (a dickhead) wife - to cut a long story short -

    she was hot

    and for some reason she dug ugly dumb and lazy me

    we had always got on great and genuinely liked each other as friends

    in an attempt to be good i resisted her advances at first but over time cracked under the pressure and we ended up fooling around

    this was eventually discovered a while later after i'd moved to another cong

    the elders of that cong hauled me into the backroom and got down to the nitty gritty of their prurient concerns

    via invasive intterogation

    i wasnt df'd but put on probation

    poetic justice prevailed in the end however when one of the gestapo on the committee (a "happily" married elder) got df'd a couple of months later for screwing one of the local full time single pioneer
    sisters brains out

    for all i know he may have been screwing the pioneer sister contemporaneously with my judicial hearing!!

    thanks jt

    i feel regret over all those i helped come into the truth

    you know - for helping ruin their lives and thier relationsships

    with their families and so on


  • JT

    Had Enough says:

    If you had come on this post sounding like the drivel I have read from StiLLinTruth, including his latest load of garbage, I think I may have lost it tonight.


    i fully understand your feeling toward the comment of StillinTruth
    but don't get upset with him my mom always told me never get mad at a BLIND AND DEAF MAN for crossing the street while you were blowing at him

    he can't help it IN THE TRUTH IS merely a victim of the wt system

    most of us who came here to sites like this came as strong supporters of wt much like him-- personally i always commend any loyal jw for merely getting up the courage to point his or her browser to an "apostste site"

    when you consider the fact that despite all of his loyal WT comments
    if he were to be caught by his CO he would be dragged into the back room and forced

    1. to admit that he is Spirtually weak,2
    2 apologize for going to a site such as this and
    3 told that if they ever hear of him in such sites as this he will be DFed

    and you and i both know that this is what would happen to this grown man- he would be treated like a child told to go to his room
    this man called stillintruth pays rent/light bills/ buys groceries/ etc

    and yet he would be treated like a CHILD by the very org he tries to defend--

    i think it is great when guys like this post for to me it says

    "he is thumbing his nose up to the instructions from the FDS on being on the net and don;t even know it"

    now that if funny
    so sit back and enjoy the show


  • mommy

    Thongs Oh sorry!
    Your mamma sounds like a very wise woman, JT. That is one reason I am staying away from that thread. Back to your story, awful. I too hope that you find this sister. I know this will help your heart. I think I really have such a sadness for those who are still in, and have to continually put up with this stuff. One day they will realize what they have shared in, and it is not going to be a pretty thing. I applaude you for sharing with us, and my heart goes out to you.


    hi jt - i dont know how many times i've said the same thing on this board - ie. the loyalty wtbts defenders would be shown by the wtbts if they were ever found out for posting here

    i found your viewpoint on them taking the courage to post here an interesting one though

    however it's for this reason - their non cognition of their obvious "lack of faith" - in particular associating with "apostates" on this board AGAINST wtbts policy

    that i cannot take their defence of the wtbts seriously


  • Francois

    Someone here is SURPRISED about this story?

    I was df'ed in 1972 and was reinstated a year later. Same story. The first meeting was held with the sister and I and three elders in the same room. The sister was only 18 years old, and she was a real looker. In fact, all these years later, she's still a very good looking woman.

    The elders wanted the story in GREAT detail. Vastly more detail than was necessary to establish the facts. See, I'm one of those few folk that was in the borg who had a college education - with a degree in communications. In college I was a part of the debate team. And because we were being trained in how to persuade others to see things our way (part of a communications education) we were required to take quite a few courses in ethics.

    Nothing that went on in that committee meeting was ethical.

    I won't go into the gory detail like the original poster. Let's just say it was more of the exact same thing: leering men way past middle age, and one who had never been married and presumably had never been with a woman. These guy were engaged in mental masturbation. And when they got home, I'd be willing to bet they all whacked off. I know one of them had an erection during this investigation. I could see it. And I'm a guy, thus expert in these matters.

    A few years before, I had lived with my CO uncle while in college. And I admit going through his congregation files and reading about the df case of a georgeous young woman in the congregation. Same stuff. Gory details. Many more than needed. But she and her fiance were personal friends of my uncle and they were shown mercy and not dfed. They got unannounced probation. And she claimed to have been "seduced" by her attorney boss NINE times. Right.

    Later, when my aunt was away for a two week trip out of town, I discovered a huge chunk of fatback, streak meat, whatever you want to call it. wrapped in a towel, with a hole poked in it, under my CO uncle's bed.

    And he was a drunk.

    If these people, if this organization, is from God, I'm the Virgin Mary.

    No one ever went broke underestimating the stupidity of Jehovah's Witnesses

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