I cryed today...

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  • ianao


    Thank you for your input. No, I did not opt out. However, if you would like to start a post where the original topic is not dissmissed as a result of an easy hit like me feel free. I would enjoy taking this line of debate to the limit--research included. However, I would much prefer a thread of scriptural principle.

    Unfortunately, I see you have no conscience here.

    I know your type. You are a debator. You would just love to sit all day long and debate debate debate about anything you deem a plausible topic.

    As you have displayed on this thread, you seem to place the debate above the issue being debated. (Something that seems common amongst many more intelligent witnesses.) This is a real shame though, because folks like you are the ones finding loopholes in the legal system and putting criminals back out on the street. (From my american perspective, anyway.)

    I'm sorry if the term "opt out" has hit a nerve.

    NOTE: No, I am not interested in starting threads for the purpose of debating. Had I wanted to debate you, I would have called you a chicken-dewdy and flamed you. I just wish folks like you would pay more attention to what you are debating than how you are debating.

  • Tina

    Hi iaono,
    Well said!!
    What it boils down to is he made assertions with nothing to support them. Was never an elder,so has no experience with jc's. And what happened is when many saw thru this and called him on it,he was unable to squirm out of it.Bottom line,its merely unsubstantiated and uninformed opinion on his part. As much as he touts psychology,IMHO,he seems to know next to nothing about it...if you look on the other forum in the "WHY" thread,you'll see someone lacking coherence and unable to sustain a train of thought. JMO,FWIW,Tina


    It is aknown fact that many paedophiled deliberately ingrateiate themselves in groups such as the J.W's to hide behind a shield of respectability - they are also assured that if their crimes become known in the group, they will not be exposed to the authorities.

    Yiy state that not all of those with paedophile tendencies go on to molest however, if you research the background of all "known" molesters, rapists and murderes you will find latent "tendencies" towards the crimes they eventualy commit.

    If the opportunity arises, like the conspiracy of silence at the wts, thoses with tendencies are more likely to enact their "tendencies"

    These are a very dangerous sub group of criminals and we owe it to the most vulnerable members of our society to adopt an attitude of zero tolerance - they must be made known to the authorities who can at least monitor their activities.


  • logical

    Wayne, I'm trying to work out where you are coming from, im not quite sure.

    David, I agree, and believe, the WTS wont know whats hit them for the EVIL, sick, monstrous acts they allow to go on within Jah's tample, IN HIS NAME

  • Wayne


    Logic is exactly where I am coming from. Like it or not the world of opinion is NOT black and white. Nor is any person either or. This is the exact intolerant attitude that so many decry herein.

    Actually, I am trying to see where many are coming from.

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