I cryed today...

by silentlambs 114 Replies latest watchtower scandals

  • Wayne


    Wrong foot in mouth.


    I was always a sucker for Alfred E Newman :)

  • Wayne

    God help us all!!

    Not you too?


  • Kismet


    I think you misunderstood my words. I meant that your feelings and expressions are misplaced against me. You should move on and take that to others who may have the problem you inferred. I would never ask you to leave Simon's board, I have no right to even suggest that.


    You are welcome. Please do not take my 'balance' as carte blanche to start preaching to me. Thanks.


  • Wayne

    Re your comment to Kismet:

    I appreciate what you're saying, and maybe it needs to be said.

    I do admire the patience and kindness and tolerance of people like Waiting, Larc, and others. Their methods may be more effective with some people ... but sometimes, arrgh!, a jerk needs to know he's being a jerk. Can you tell me that irritating people who put forth illogical arguments in the defence of something abominable don't get under your skin, too?

    But, like I said, I generally appreciate what you're saying.

    Nice to meet the <b> real you </b> dedalus!


    Wayne here ;)

  • Wayne


    OK, you got me with my own children--I have three grown sons. However, darn and darn, why the heck did anyone choose to change a thread of insight and condollences into an attack on a post calling for balance and true definition. Listen up everyone! How many 15 year old mothers are out there who cannot marry the father of their child or children because he is 19. Is he a pedophile also? Darnit! My statement was made innocently. There is a huge difference between a peron who is attracted to prepubescent children and one who is attracted to a woman capable of bearing children. AND LISTEN UP!
    NO ONE SHOULD BECOME A TARGET OF A SEXUAL PREDATOR! As for those who are enamored by youth--take that up with your city counsel and put a stop to the child beauty pageants. Good greif [TM Shultz] everyone who finds a bank bag of money is not necessarily a thief--even though they may wish to keep it.

    NO! I have no interest in pursuing this inane line of argumentation any longer.

    I am not <b>vehement</b> in any of my statements--did you even bother to read my posts or are you responding to what several others have chosen to spend their night "skewering"?

    Wayne Michael

  • Sassenach

    Hello Wayne,

    Thanks for your response. This is from your original post:

    And, in all likelihood, if a local accusation of an incidence is "covered up"
    within the congregation there was not enough evidence to support the plaintiff. When a
    criminal accusation cannot be substantiated by the elders of a congregation the plaintiff
    is indeed encouraged not to spread their accusations among the flock. This protects all
    of the flock from alienating the one who was not proven to be guilty of scriptural
    wrongdoing. However, if the individual plaintiff is convinced that they have a criminal
    complaint then they are NOT discouraged from going to the authorities and filing criminal

    To me, it sounded as though you, without any first hand knowledge of the situations, knew exactly what took place and how and why things were handled the way they were. That to me is not balance. That is having a predetermined view and a refusal to actually listen to the particulars of the given situation.

    In the accounts that I have read, the individuals were encouraged to remain silent. You maintain that they are not discouraged from going to the authorities--basically calling them liars and dismissing their complaints. "This is the way it is done, end of story". That's not balance.

    Thanks again for your reply and I admire you for sticking with the thread and replying to all involved-even though I don't believe you have enough information to make the statement above. I do wonder how much experience you have had with judicial matters--not the receiving end, but from the perspective that Silentlambs has had.

  • Wayne

    But your defense of even that classification of pedophile is unacceptable..

    Jesse, What if next week someone defends a repentant homosexual? Will all of you strong Christian individuals gladly email that person your hate mail. I doubt it--it is a crime not to accept them. I sign my mail with my name as well as my email address. Enjoy your anonymity.


  • claudia

    Wayne, you are compairing apples and oranges. A homosexual has relations with a CONSENTING adult. Thats compairing rape to fornication.

  • Wayne


    I grieve with you on this one--truly :(

    Wayne Michael

  • Wayne


    Understood :)

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