I cryed today...

by silentlambs 114 Replies latest watchtower scandals

  • digderidoo

    Your comments anger me.

    You say
    'As a student of psychology,i can affirm that the incidence of true child molestation is extremely low amongst Jehovahs Witnesses.'

    The official statistics would be low if these incidences are not reported by judicial committees to the relevent authorities. You as a psychology student should know how statistics can be manipulated!

    You say 'nor is the WTS to blame unless the WTS itself was notified of the accusation'

    The WTS is to blame...it is their policy that is given to the elders of these judicial committees..think about it, why do the body of elders all have the same line of thinking in this matter.

    'not all poedophiles are child molesters'

    What crap!

    'it is true that the mere men who take the lead in these organisations are prone to human error'

    It is not human error on the elders part, it is an error, the policy of not going to the authorities, to report a peodaphile...just because he has 'repented'.

    You don't seem to understand that this policy, merely protects the molesters.

  • myMichelle

    Hi Wayne,

    Welcome to the board, hope you hang around a while and join in.

    As a student of psychology, loved that term BTW, perhaps you are familiar with incidences like "Stockholm syndrom" or where abused spouses or children still love their abusers, will protect them over and over again at their own cost. Might be an area you would like to study closer, just an observation.


    PS. Would like to see you document the statistics you based your opinions about the well adjusted lives of JWs on, etc.

  • JT

    wayne says:

    . It is too easy to cause far ranging decisions to be hastily made and to perhaps be found to be actually a worker against the interests of God.


    do you consider the wt as working in the interest of God?


  • Texasbred

    I wonder .... are the incidents of child molestation higher within the JW church?

    I think the idea of keeping these allegations within the church is completely insane... if someone feels a need to abuse a child, they need professional, trained help. God made therapists too, you know.

    and one of the biggest problem I have with the WTS, is the kicking out of members for "sinning". EVERYONE sins .... and just because we may be repentant for one sin, we WILL sin again (probably very soon), and Jesus seemed to make a clear message that sinners should NOT be cast aside, but embraced. Remember Zachius or his disciple Matthew.

    how did this idea get lost within the WTS? and how do they justify kicking out sinners ....when (if you go by their philosophy) EVERYONE should be disfellowshipped?

  • Farkel

    : As a student of psychology, I can affirm that the incidence of true child molestation is extremely low among Jehovah's Witnesses.

    As a student of auto-mechanics, I can affirm that your chances of having cancer due to that lump is extremely low, Mrs. Jones.

    What an idiot you are.


  • LDH

    ....and the Kool-Aid tasted pretty good at Jamestown, too!

  • claudia

    Wayne wrote quote: 'not all poedophiles are child molesters'


  • Seven
    ...not all pedophiles are child molestors...

    You are correct, some of them are dead.

    What an idiot you are.

    Thank You Farkel!!

  • BobsGirl

    RE: Wayne and his "As a student of psychology, I can affirm that the incidence of true child molestation is extremely low among Jehovah's Witnesses...." comment.

    I am not sure which offends me more, "student of psychology" crack or the "true child molestation" phrasology.

    I am curious .... what constitutes a "student of psychology"? How many credit hours are required before you can "affirm that the incidence of true child molestation is extremely low among" any faith?

    Also.... what exactly constitutes "true child molestation"? "true" as opposed to???

    As someone who double majored in both English and Education I can assure you that the writing style in the WT and Awake magazines suck ... because you see this is my area of expertise. As the great granddaughter a pedophile who did happen to be a child molester, and the first of the FOURTH generation of children he abused, I can assure you that "true child molestation" happens more often than I think God would be happy with if this truly were his one and only "Spirit Annointed Organization".

  • larc


    I think that when there is a charge of child abuse, that the elders should stay out of it altogether. They are not professionaly equiped to reach a fair decision. It takes a team of investigators, social workers, child psychologists, and attorneys to ferret out the truth. Even with a multidisciplinary team of professionals, mistakes are made. Some who are guilty go unpunished; some who are falsely accused are found guilty, but certainly the chance for justice is greater using this approach. By contrast, the typical elder does not have expertise in any of these areas. Sincerity and knowledge of the Bible simply doesn't cut when one is dealing with an issue of this complexity and seriousness.

    Wayne, telling us that you are "a student of psychology" does not impress me. Even if you told me that you were a PhD research Psychologist that is not enough. A title and an assertion is insufficient evidence. Assertions need to be backed up with research findings, and I seriously doubt that you have these to offer.

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