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  • Wayne

    Hi Texasbread

    See Romans 2:3-5 with regard to an unrepentant heart,

    See 1st Cor. 5: 1-5 with regard to disfellowshipping

    See also 2 John 1:9-11


  • Wayne

    Hi Farkel

    And you are funny--though intolerant of opposing viewpoints.

    PAX Christian

  • Wayne

    And some of them practice abstinence.

    Peace 7of9

  • JT


    nice post man

  • Wayne

    Hi Bob's Girl

    Eee gads I should have let that psychology qualification slide. However, I also had a double major: English and Classics and Psychology. But I have never worked in the English Lit field. However, I have worked in the field of psychology at two mental health hospitals in Maine as well as volunteered to do one on one work with developmentally handicapped adults. I hit burn out. And now I am in a totally different line of work.

    Anyway the answer is self evident. A true child molester is one who performed an act of child molestation. A pedophile is one who is inordinately attracted to a prepubescent child--sexually or sensually. And, yes, there is a difference.

    RE: The writing style of the Watchtower. Mark didn't do such a good job with his gospel account either; but Oy, he did it. Why not help out?

  • Wayne

    Well put larc--and largely this was my point. However, the elders do have a scriptural responsibility to protect the congregation when a charge of immoral activity of any kind can be substantiated.


    Did I hit a nerve on this one. Am I disfellowshipped yet?



  • Wayne


    Yeah, and Christ never wrote anything except little pictures in sand--
    shallow flame here my man.

    Wayne: searching for reasonableness

  • Wayne

    Try this link: http://www.ipt-forensics.com/publications.htm

    Medline.com also has a wealth of medical oriented information on any topic you may choose to investigate further before posting. Pedophilia, in DSM IV is listed as a paraphilia. Not all paraphiles act on there urges--that simple. There is a vast spread between fantasy of paraphilic disorders and actions.


  • dedalus


    Yeah, and Christ never wrote anything except little pictures in sand--shallow flame here my man.

    Huh? What the hell is this supposed to mean?

    Oh, wait, I forgot. You're an idiot. Idiots rarely understand irony.

    Remember, I was responding to what you wrote here:

    As a student of psychology, I can affirm that the incidence of true child molestation is extremely low among Jehovah's Witnesses.

    So now let me state my point explicitly, so that even a dim bulb like you can get it: The fact that you took some psychology courses does not prove that child molestation rarely occurs in the Organization.


    As for your semantics with "pedophiles" vs. "true child molesters" -- we get your point, got it a long goddamn time ago: chile molesters may always be pedophiles, but pedophiles aren't always child molesters. Whatever. In the vernacular of this board, however, the two are used much the same way -- probably because we're not a bunch of crooked lawyers trying to get a sex offender saved from justice. But big deal. None of this proves that child molestation only occurs rarely in the Organization. Your insistance on this point is just a semantic banality.

    Clear now?

    Dedalus, who doesn't believe for a second that you hold a degree in English/Classics

  • waiting

    hey wayne,

    Nice to meet you - I hope you hang around. You're right, pedophiles, child molesters, child rapists, child killers are not all the same thing.

    A pedophile can have a wide library on the net or on his/her bookshelves of pictures of children. He can also be deviant in other areas, not necessarily pertaining to children. He may never actually touch in a lewd way, a child. The same as a man who is drawn to really hard core pornography, but for whatever reason, has never had sex.

    I believe even states have different classifications of offenders, as has been shown on H20.

    As for my background, I am a survivor and so is my daughter. I've given the specifics to SilentLambs, so I won't go into detail here. The elders had 2 different witnesses, his own daughter's adult letter outlining years of incest (complete sexual relations) and my own daughter's account of repeated molestation at his hands. They would not even question him. When I asked why not - they said that his wife had threatened to sue them, and the elders had been in contact with the WTBTS. I did report him to the police, I don't know what his daughter did. He remained a member of the congregation in good standing and the elders never spoke to him about either accusation of rape and molestation.

    My account is so common as to become pathetic to survivors.

    As for a pschology background - fine thing. That does not insure competence nor intelligence. I've been to good counselors, and a really incompetent jw woman counselor in Boca Raton, Fla. She did me a lot of harm. Her credentials were as good as the other therapists I've gone to - she, herself, wasn't.

    I hope you produce scientific studies to back your claims. However, as in a Court case, the other side will produce their studies- with pretty darned near opposite conclusions.

    Welcome - this is an interesting place. I've learned a lot.


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