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  • Zechariah

    The following list is color choices of people on the board sorted by the color yellow. Yellow is the faith indicator. It ranges from extremely optimistic to feeling hopeless.

    Zechariah 41235067
    Sentinel 42153607
    Tally 42163570
    Chevysnstatz 45372106
    LeslieV 34712650
    Heaven 54213067
    Dinky 14367502
    Link 14735026
    Lilacs 54321670
    Caligirl 32451706
    Lars 51423760
    Pettygruder 71452360
    Perry 31247650
    Kenneson 12435607
    Qwerty 21453760
    sky 21453760
    Realist 31472560
    Expatbrit 32147560
    Onacruse 12543706
    Angherad 12354076
    Shera 12534067
    TruckerGB 25104673
    Brandy 21534706
    Mulan 52134706
    Mamashei 51734620
    eyegirl 15274306
    Spanner 15234076
    Been There 12357406
    Myself 15327460
    back2dafront 12375460
    Gopher 15320476
    Lost Diamond 17530246
    Syn 21537046
    LyinEyes 71365240
    Paduan 06731245
    Joy2bfree 15670243
    Rem 21706345
    Kaethra 52130647
    Lisa 51236074
    Xena 37501264

    Although I have full confidence in the validity of the color test. the survey just taken is not really about the test but rather is about the color yellow as the faith indicator.

    You can observe many things from this list. You will no doubt find atheistic and agnostic people with yellow in the last 4 digits.

    I am providing the link to my Colortest site.

    color test


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  • Solace


    For once Im speechless......

  • SYN


    Come on guys, who is on the bottom of the list and is an athiest? Own up!

    Please, don't let me be the only one.

    Ghod, the pressure is killing me...

  • Zechariah


    You have correctly noticed the absence of the known atheists on the board. Their inherent mistrust has motivated them to not take the test.

    Special call to non-participants.

    Pomegranate IronGland DakotaRed
    Bitter Mango SaintSusan Coolbreeze Cicatrix Lula Realist
    Patio34 Crownboy Lyin Eyes
    Tashawaa Running Man Shera
    Nowhere Farkel Crazy151drinker LB Smitty know_you
    Keep them coming guys...


  • expatbrit

    Um....I think I pretty much fit the definition of an atheist. I come mid-table though. Does this mean I'm a moderate atheist? WHY AM I SO BORING?


  • Zechariah

    That surprised me too Expatbrit. I would have thought yellow would be further down on the list knowing your expressed viewpoints on the board.

    I don't think you're boring...


  • ApagaLaLuz

    I hate to break it to you..... but I am agnostic. And i'm at towards the top of the list. I just like the colors yellow and purple. I have those 2 colors tattooed most predominately on my arms. I do not have strong faith in a god. Although I would consider myself a very optomistic person

    I guess this survey is 99% accurate

  • SYN

    This is the sort of time where one needs.a.long.word. Like "flabbergasted", perhaps.


  • LDH

    Syn, I'm getting closer to being an athiest every day. For me, the first step was not needing to believe.

    Z, your study may be accurate, but I pose my own far more significant reason for not liking yellow. Take a look at my skin tone. I would look like a huge banana in yellow. ALSO, yellow exists NOWHERE in my house, including my closet.

    I prefer greens and purples.

    That's kind of what I based my choices on.


  • nilfun

    8 6 7-5 3 0 9

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