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  • Zechariah

    I have received inquiries about how I was trained by spirit as a psychologist. I was led to many sources of enlightenment. Books routinely was I led to that it was important I read.

    Many times very uncoincidentally stumbled onto to important reading. There was a old used book store in town that had almost every Watchtower publication as well as many of the early ex-JW literature. I found "30 years a Watchtower Slave" and all the "Studies on the Scriptures". For many years dating almost 20 years back I was likewise miraculously introduced to the ideals of Positive thinking and have since read the works of almost every noted figure in the fields of psychology, positive thinking and self help. It was a marvelous education.

    I was likewise directed to some foundation object lessons that shaped and expanded my education from the power of the mind to the power of the spirit. It was from natural self-help to supernatural help from God. I went from a well trained positive thinker and self-help expert to a spirit trained Jedi-lke christian warrior.

    One such lesson was of course my introduction to the Little Computer People Computer program that helped me deeply meditate on humans true relationship with God. What a education that was.

    But then there was the Luscher Color Test which provided a deep psychological analysis of a person by means of their choices of colors. I performed this test on 100s of people over many years and its never to this day lost its fascination and is in my estimation 100% accurate when people give honest responses. I did a fascinating survey on the H2O board that yielded amazing results that I believe taught everyone valuable lessons.

    I would like to duplicate that experiment with all of you on the board. I am asking for everybody to contribute their choices of colors from a select group and return it in a reply.The natural mistrust in unbelievers might tell them they have something to fear if they do this. But I ask them for once to give me some trust it does them no harm and is extremely educational.

    Heres what you do:

    From this list of eight colors type only the corresponding number of the colors on a line like I will demonstrate with my own. Return it in a reply.

    0-gray 1-blue 2-green 3-red
    4-yellow 5-violet 6-brown 7-black

    My Colors 41235067

    Thats all folks
    Take a sec and do it.

    I was directed into work situation where I was matched with people for many months working side by side and talking about the strange mysteries of life.

  • TR

    Sorry Zekky, I'm color blind.


  • LDH

    Uhhhhh, Zech, I don't exactly know what "trained by spirit as a psychologist" means. It sounds a lot like "Reading the Awake magazine is a better education than what you will get in college!!!"

    Nevertheless, I see no harm in the color test. I did one on line before and it was only about 50% right. Which means it was conversely 50% wrong.



  • SixofNine

    3.1415926 *splat*

  • LDH

    LOL! You cut that out, Six. You are just a regular old wise-ass!

    BTW, Pie are not square. Pie are round.


    Takes One to Know One Class

  • Jesus Christ
    Jesus Christ


    (Ohms law for all you non-electrical people out there)

    Does that count?

  • A Paduan
    A Paduan


  • Gopher

    0-gray 1-blue 2-green 3-red
    4-yellow 5-violet 6-brown 7-black

    My Colors 15320476

    What do I win?

  • onacruse

    Gauss's congruence notation made a significant impact on the development of number theory. One reason is that congruences share many properties with equations. For example, every number is congruent to itself, a a (mod m), and, if a b (mod m), then b a (mod m). Also, if a b (mod m) and b c (mod m), then a c (mod m). For a given modulus, congruences can be added, subtracted, and multiplied as though they were equations.

    Oh well, let's try 12543706


  • qwerty

    0-gray 1-blue 2-green 3-red
    4-yellow 5-violet 6-brown 7-black



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