Christmas Gift Exchange Gimme Gimme Wantme List

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  • talley

    !! Potholders !! yep, potholders (I know...not much fun..) but the other night, took something out of the oven and could hardly get it to stovetop without burning my fingers; looked at the potholder and I could see light through it!!! Potholders will get that way after 30 yrs. of use. Or, for fun, anything chocolate to eat and btw I really like fruitcake talley/Judy

  • RandomTask

    Ok, I know I haven't posted here yet, but I just can't think of anything specific. So just something cool would be nice.

  • Scarlet

    Whoever has Random, make him do a list. He is horrible to shop for I am his wife and know. A few things he would like are if a new special edition Star Trek Movie comes out on DVD. Unbreakable on DVD. He loves Chocolate (Choclate covered Macodamin (sp) nuts are a fav). I honestly don't know anything else he likes. I always bomb on his gifts because he won't tell me what he wants but anything would be great. Have him make a list for you. Don't say I didn't give you fair warning. If I can get stuff out of him I will post it here.

  • scootergirl

    RANDOM! This is the head elf and I am asking you pretty please, make a list for whomever has your name! I know that they would really appreciate any suggestions........

    In fact, that goes for all of you that put "anything" and nothing specific. Let's help our friends out by listing a few ideas!

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  • gentlyferal
  • beckmelbourne
  • truckergb
  • veniceIT
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  • talley
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  • sortafairytale
  • goshawk
  • As of this morning, it looks like we are still waiting for a few to post their wish list. I have gotten numerous emails from people asking to remind everyone to post....some even asking if wish lists could be a little more specific.

    It looks like we are still waiting fortermite35, plumkrzy, funky derek, grout and coolbreeze to post thier lists. Please do this soon. Thanks guys!

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  • gumby

    "All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth, my two front teeth, my two front teeeeeth".( an old song no one probably remembers)

    All I really want is to kiss Ashly Judd for about an hour.

  • termite 35
    termite 35

    Well, I WAS going to say 'anything' but i'm not allowed ! So...

    I'm an artist

    I love chocolate;

    I run;

    I have been known to drink the odd glass of red.

    I love history (factual) especially Georgians


    A photo of you enjoying Christmas


    Lou Reed.

    Bloody hell that was quite taxing- this is early for me on a weekend.

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  • GentlyFeral


    Music: I like many kinds. ... I do not have *any* recent (last four years) music cds.

    You like pop and I like ethnic. I know of a record that we'd both like...but how's your Spanish?

    And do you also like ethnic music (just in case Santa's first selection doesn't pan out)? Klezmer? Zydeco? Bulgarian Women's Chorus? Hah?

    Also, re science fiction...could you list some books you own and some books you wouldn't read to save your life, so Santa doesn't bring them?


  • maximumflash

    Christmas is getting closer so I thought I would bring this back to the top. Cassiline says Plum should be back soon to add her wishes.

    Great day to you all.


  • scootergirl

    I just got an email from plum......she is back now and show be posting soon!

    Welcome back Plum!

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