Yes the WT Told Millions of Youth NO COLLEGE!!

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  • VM44

    From 1975:

    "Make pioneer service, the full-time ministry, with the possibility of Bethel or missionary service your goal. This is a life that offers an everlasting future!"

    What "everlasting future"?

    Has The Watchtower ever delivered on that promise?


    As a family head, your " qualifications " are called into question if one of your children living at home goes to college. At the same time a recent WT article said that even though this system is doomed, the Society can continue to build and sell and progress because what it does has a future. I asked an Elder if my kid wanted to be a lawyer for the WTBTS could they go to college? His face got a little red, and he bluted out " They don't need anymore Lawyers!". Funny...this was after regailing me with tales from the latest Elder's school where the highlights were:

    1) When the GB says " JUMP !! " you say " How High !? " while still in the air. ( no joke )

    2) The NWT is the Crown Jewel of the WTBTS printing career.

  • ziddina


    I'd like to see a class-action lawsuit against the Watchtower Corporation that would force them to pay for lost income and punitive damages for the tens - perhaps hundreds - of thousands of Jehovah's Witnesses who followed their idiotic edicts during the last 60 years...

    I've got an old book by Chales Taze Russell - dated around 1911, if I recall without looking at it right now - and in the foreword not only does ol' Taze speak out against college educations, he's even against a HIGH SCHOOL DEGREE...!!

  • Bells

    This is an important issue. I think it's a worry that there are websites that defent JW's and blatantly publish incorrect facts, so any Witness who is having doubts and gets online may stumble across their sites and not delve deeper. Example:


    Contrary to what many opposers of Jehovah's Witnesses may say, the Watchtower and Bible Tract Society has never discouraged education.

    Among Jehovah's Witnesses are dedicated workers and professionals of every sort, including university professors, doctors and other medical professionals, lawyers, and scientists. Here is just one example where one Jehovah's Witnesses' college education is promoted: A Nuclear Scientist Tells His Story

    This is especially ridiculous because the scientist in this story got baptised well after he became a scientist. So in fact, had he joined the witnesses much ealier in his life, it is probable that he would not have become a scientist in the first place. Just another example of the WT picking and choosing and being incredibly hypocritcal. I just hope that anyone who comes across such sites actually researches further and doesn't just accept what they read without additional research and identifying the original sources of information (for example - Watchtower articles mentioned in this thread). When 'defenders' say that the WT has never said Witnesses should get higher education, it just makes them look stupid. Well, more stupid.
  • life is to short
    life is to short

    amen ziddina! Your are probably right about the no High School degree as my parents fought me about that. They wanted my sister and I to drop out of school in the ninth grade and not worry about it. My sister did but I insisted on getting at least a high school degree.

    I will be 50 years old next year. My parents are dead, yet I was not supposed to go to grade school, for sure not Jr high, no way high school. I was never supposed to be old enough to marry, much less have kids. Now I am old enough to almost be a great grandmother.

    How I hate this religion. If I had not been so stupid as to have listened to the religion and if I had, had kids they would have went to college screw the Watchtower.


  • Splash

    And it continues...

    Watchtower 2012 Jun 15 p.23 para 15.
    "No doubt, school counsellors sincerely believe that it is in your best interests to pursue higher education and to plan for a secular career. Yet, their confidence lies in a social and financial system that has no lasting future."

  • mamochan13

    Oh yes they did!!

    In fact, in my circuit back in the late '60s early '70s they actually encouraged us to drop out of high school and go pioneering. Many of my peers did. One went to Bethel after leaving school in Grade 11. I actually asked the circuit overseer about it because I was actively considering leaving school as well. He got embarrassed and backtracked and said, "well, we aren't really saying you shouldn't finish high school, just that you should make the best use of your time before the end" or something like that. As it was, I went pioneering the moment I was done my minimum high school. Stupid. Stupid. Stupid.

    It wasn't until 33 years later I earned the university degree I should have had back when I was young and free and able to pursue a career I loved.

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