President Bush's speech

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  • minimus

    Oh I thought that was our poster Ho Chi Minh.

  • IronGland

    " Its WHAT he says not how he says it that counts."

    Agreed. Let me know when he says something.

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  • footprints

    Bush is a dry drunk who couldn't count to 12 let alone do the steps.
    But he can lie cheat and steal with the best of um.
    His father was a traitor to the United States
    What the hell the I-a-toll-a loved him

  • IronGland

    Not to mention a draft dodging chickenhawk.

  • Swan


    I think his mispronunciation is just part of his overall stateegery to win us over with pity.


  • Amazing

    Hi Coqui: It seems like a majority of ex-Dubs are liberal leaning. I lean conservative, and talk like a radical for fun.

  • larc

    I am a conservative as well, as is TR, so there are a few of us here. I think there are Liberals who would not care for Bush no matter what he said or how he said it. I notice the Liberals have not said one word about the content of Bush's talk.

  • wasasister

    Without getting into Bush's pronunciation, or lack thereof:

    He said nothing new to convince Congress, the United Nations, NATO, or me. I was hoping for some kind of compelling reason to spend a gazillion dollars and kill a bunch of people. He offered the same old stuff, IMO.

    Saddam, to the best of everyone's reckoning, does not YET have nuke capability. (Everyone can pronounce "nuke".) He has bio and chemical weapons, but so do lots of other bad guys. Strictly following the criteria in George's speech, we could have substituted "North Korea", "Lybia" or a few others and made the exact same argument. Lybia even has some oil.

    I am not a pacifist and would certainly fight to defend my way of life. But being older and wiser, I pick my battles carefully and need a good reason to start one.

  • Athanasius

    Hi Coqui,

    Guess I must be an exception, I'm libertarian. The political liberals today want too much control over our lives. They are too much like the Watch Tower thinking they can legislate their way out of anything.

    I agree with Thomas Jefferson, that government, which rules least is most effective.


  • bajarama

    Hey liberals,

    Thirty more days until liberals have no power. Can you say minority! Roflmaoatwdfl.


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