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  • dsgal

    I hated it.I was sorry at giving presentations and always felt stupid trying to talk at the doors.I dreaded anyone asking a question about the belief ...always told them I would look up information on it and come back...I never did.My heart was never in the preaching work and I felt guilty all the time because I didn't have zeal and joy for the ministry like the lit. always says you should.I'm glad I'm not burdened down with it anymore.


    I'm still in the Org and I haven't been out in service in months. I hate everthing about it. I hate getting up in the morning. I hate the fact that I have to wake my children up early to go do something thats not fun for me or them. I hate the meeting for service the ride to the territory. The knocking on the doors. Waking people up. The whole nine. Did I leave anything out.

    I once heard an Elder say he would give a talk every Sunday at any Hall anywhere if he just didn't have to go out in service.


  • minimus


  • Dismembered

    Min said " I was always amazed when I heard people gushing over how much they loved service."

    But Min you know the about quote to be a buch of bs don't you. How the hell can anyone enjoy "the

    membership drive" I abhored it every wasted step of the way.

  • LDH

    LOL @ Mike.

    Out here they set up tables at Wal-Mart or some such.

    Lazy asses.

    We were uber-pioneers. And while I did not like Service, I enjoyed the company of other young people when I was occasionally allowed to work with them. Since I honestly thought I was doing the right thing, I felt a little guilty about being embarrassed.

    The WORST was "Family Day" field service. My god, that sucked.My Dad always seemed to have fresh territory and we would go on door to door MARATHONS for a good two hours or so. At the end, we would tally up our sales placements.


  • minimus

    DISMEMBERED, did you abhor it only after you got out or at every time that you were involved?

  • minimus

    AH yes, FAMILY day for service and for Christmas...wink wink

  • HadEnuf

    The ONLY thing I enjoyed about field service were the coffee breaks and creme filled chocolate donuts. Everything else about it was just Arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!

  • 144thousand_and_one

    I HATED it. I was forced to preach to others about a cult I never believed in, and wasn't compensated for this hard labor. WTS, your encouragement of the exploitation of children in this manner illustrates your greed and the depths your cult will sink to in order to make a buck. Rot in hell, governing body slave masters !

  • jozb5

    I hated it too.

    The earliest I can remember going out was when I was four and the last time I think I went out was when I was 19. My parents were very inconsistance when it came to meetings and field service attendence so I don't have any amusing tales about Jehovah's slave labor, except for the time when a really nice buff black guy without a shirt on came to the door.

    I always thought something was wrong with me too cause I couldn't stand going out in field service. That's one of the reasons why I never got baptised.


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