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  • Quotes

    Field Service was, to me, sort of like RUNNING/JOGGING:

    It feels really good when you stop!

  • DanTheMan

    Hated it would be putting it mildly. Probably at the top of my list of why I would NEVER go back.

  • blacksheep

    I hated it. I was embarrassed at invading people's privacy. Plus, it seemed like such an excercise it futility: obviously the people who were genuinely interested were VERY few and far between. It seemed like a horrendous waste of time and energy. Of course, I was chided for not "enjoying it." Although obviously I didn't speak out, I avoided it as much as I possibly could. Oddly, I'm generally considered highly articulate and a good communicator, but out in service I really found myself tongue tied. Guess we can chalk it up to my really not buying the message I was supposed to deliver.

  • TheStar

    LMAO at Quotes! That's exactly the feeling!

    I secretly loathed it! Always felt like I was invading people's privacy and felt so bad for waking up them up on Saturday morning or for bothering them while they are busy preparing for christmas dinner, LOL. It did feel really good when it was over, though!

    Glad to know I was not alone.

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  • Big Tex
    Big Tex

    1980: 42 days of 100 degrees or more in Dallas. My car had no air-conditioning. I was pioneering. I wore a tie knotted tightly at my neck and slacks made of wool. My meeting shoes were ruined on a street out in service because the black top was literally bubbling from the heat. Do I miss that? Ummmmm, no.

  • Farkel


    If I wasn't convinced that my eternal salvation depended upon it and had a choice of field service or having my fingernails pulled out one-by-one with a pair of pliers, I'd furnish the pliers!


  • patio34

    I think a joke an elder told kinda sums up my feelings and a lotta others too. Here goes the story.

    We were sitting in the car chatting after we drove to the "territory." Then the elder (a very funny guy) said: "Okay, everybody, 'heads' down!'"

    I said what do you mean? The joke was: A man went to hell and everyone was standing around talking, but were standing knee-deep in manure. The man thought that this was not so bad. Then someone announced over the loudspeaker: "Break's over! Everybody, heads down!!"

    So, this elder summed it up pretty well what DTD was like, imo!


  • outoftheorg

    Never liked it. Hated to go to some ones door and preach at them. Felt like a fool and had a degree of shame about the whole thing. Still, I did it for about 40 years. What the hell was the matter with me?

  • Scarlet

    I hated it. I auxilury pionnered three times and I would get all my service time done and over with in the first week and half so I didn't have to go out anymore. I don't think there was any other month I even met the national avg. I think I avg. about 4 hours a month. I would not go out more than 1 maybe 2 saturdays a month.

  • WildTurkey

    NOT NO BUT HELL NO!!!!! I hated it, and that shows the power of their control cause at one time I did it for 90 hours a month.

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