Raised as a JW from the age of 4. Married my hubby '73. Also raised as JW. Both of us had "unbelieving" fathers. See, we were destined for each other. Have two sons...two grandchildren. Left the JW's after my son was "marked" without any warning for marrying an "unbaptized publisher" and the wedding was boycotted by two congregations and all the elders and ms's. We fought over the situation for a year with the guys in New York and here in the local congregation. No apology to us. No remorse. When I realized that the JW's believe that ANYONE who isn't baptized is an "unbeliever" I knew that was the final blow to my already weakening faith in this organization. Good riddance. Hello Freedom. You can look under my Topics for a more detailed account of our exit from this cult.