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  • ChrisVance

    I hated it. Especially asking questions. If I just kept talking sometimes they'd listen. If the circuit overseer was with me he'd say you need to ask questions so you can get the househoulder involved. If I did they'd usually use the opening to say they weren't interested. My goal was to get thru the topic for conversation. If I did that I felt I'd accomplished something.

    I remember one circuit overseer saying at the meeting for service that if you didn't enjoy service there was something wrong. I knew there was something wrong. It just took me a while to figure out it wasn't me.

  • Francois

    Hated, despised, disliked, and couldn't stand any part of it. None if it. Not getting ready for it; not going to the rendevous site; not going to the service territory; and certainly not going up to a door.

    Selling books for a cult. What a way to spend your damned free time.


  • mommy1

    That is one of the many reasons I would never go back.

  • jimbob

    I never liked it! I pioneered for 2 years and still didn't like it. It always cracked me up when they would say that if you didn't feel comfortable doing it, it's because you're not doing it enough. Just go out in service more! Ha!! The more I did it, the less I liked it. What a bunch of BS. I bet if you asked every witness to tell the truth about how they feel about going out in service, I bet 80-85% would tell you they'd rather not do it. I used to like working alone out in service, because that way, nobody would know that I wasn't ringing the door bell, or that I knocked so lightly, that even Superman with super hearing couldn't hear me knocking!! :)

  • StinkyPantz

    When I auxilary pioneered it was kinda fun for about the first week, especially if all of my friends were pioneering that same month. But then it got to be boring as usual. In general I hate it, and hated that I was FORCED to do it.

  • butalbee

    Queenie--didn't know ya had a dog??? How does Mamie like it?

  • siegswife

    I must admit, I liked going out in service. I was good at it too! I had several Bible studies going at the time I quit. (insert blushing face here since I can't get any of the little icons to show up except the smiling one)

  • Mutz

    I loathed every minute of field service, when they started the push for street witnessing I made sure I always had to work or found some other 'important' task that needed doing. Trudging through the city like a knobber offering ppl magazines was not my idea of fun.

  • Mulan

    NeonMadman said this:

    I kind of enjoyed it when I was pioneering. We had several pioneers in our cong. at the time, and we all got to be good friends, so we made a good time of it. But generally, most of the time I was in the borg, I hated going out in service.

    That's me too. After two years pioneering, I couldn't take the complete waste of my time anymore, and 3 months into the 3rd year, I had to stop. Of course I didn't use that as my reason. I hated weekend service and waking the kids up to do it, knowing how much they hated it.

  • MikeMusto

    in brooklyn everyone is street witneessig....this allows you to walk

    down the street and not talk to anyone.it is such a joke..

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